San Francisco 49ers: You're Fired

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San Francisco 49ers: You're Fired

I have never said anything negative about Mike Singletary -- until now. He has demonstrated a total lack of knowledge of offensive football. At halftime he said, "We have to run the ball". Raye calls three running plays up the middle when trailing 21-3. Mike sees no reason to replace him. Two weeks ago Mike said that "Alex played an outstanding game".

Stubbornness is what led to Nolan's downfall and is a trait that Mike can't seem to shake. This team is talented. Our coaching staff is clueless. He proved it by cutting our best special teams player, Michael Robinson. Now our special teams suck. No leadership that was provided by MRob. Singletary said he cut him because he couldn't find a spot for him on offense. Two seasons ago MRob caught 17 passes for over 200 yards out of the backfield during the second half of the season. And he uses Norris as a pass receiver at the goal line. Brilliant!

He keeps useless camp fodder and allows Diyral Briggs to be snatched up. He cuts the QB with by far the best talent after just one year and stubbornly keeps Alex who has proven for six years that he is the best check down QB in history. Never looks downfield and if he did he'd flutter the pass anyway.

Doesn't anyone in Niner management learn from the past?  Our best coaches have been offensive experts.  Buck Shaw was the Bill Walsh of the 1940's.  Mariucci understood offense.  Our worst coaches have been defensive "specialists" and you can go back to Jack Christensen, both Nolans although Daddy won three division crowns because he had so much talent.  Defensive oriented coaches seldom make winners.

Come on, York. If this was Trump the words "You're fired" would be ringing in Mike's ears right now.

What needs to be done:

Fire Singletary; Fire Raye. Cut Alex. Start Carr.
Activate Nate Davis and get him off the practice squad before we lose him. Hire a QB mentor to work with him this season.
Hire Jon Gruden.

The fans are behind you.  We are fed up.  Change direction now or experience an empty stadium.  

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