Georgia Football: This Is Your Final Chance, Mark Richt

Jukabiea BarlowContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

At the conclusion of the 2009 regular season Mark Richt was at a crossroads. Continue to suffer through another bad year of Willie Martinez and more fire Richt talk or, bring in a fresh new bunch of coaches to energize and ignite the passion for the defense. So far the result of the product has been up and down, but that is expected out of a brand new scheme in the SEC. Now with a record of 1-3, (0-3 conference play) Rich again finds himself in a position that will determine his fate.


Just as Richt had cleaned house with the defensive coaches in 09’, Mark must do the same now with the offense.  Mike Bobo, Stacy Searels, Tony Ball, John Lilly, and Bryan McClendon must be relieved of duty. The complete culture and philosophy has to be changed for the offense. A new attitude must be developed and then executed and unfortunately for Richt this must happen sooner than opposed to later. At the very least Mark can take the reigns of play calling, that doesn’t mean getting a game plan together and letting Bobo call the plays. Richt needs to call the offensive game plan in its entirety. Still fans and by now the administration have spoken and Mark again realizes that his job is hanging in the balance. The loyalty that gained him love and respect from his coaches has turned into a lack of discipline, consistency, and losses on the field.


Mark Richt is an excellent coach and role model for the Georgia football program, but sometimes that doesn’t translate into wins. This is your last chance, get rid of your old offensive philosophies and bring in a new system to save your tail. Let’s face it Richt, Georgia Football will continue with or without you. You make the choice.