Response to the Sports Doctor

mark murrellCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2008

Juanita, what troubles you so? My first question would be why is a woman from Virginia spitting hate messages about Cuban and the Cubs?

I read your article and found a couple of holes;

  1. Brand: the Cubs are a brand, but they are a team as well. The league would not survive without strong brands.
  2. Business first, baseball second: as it should be. But, don’t get it twisted, Mark Cuban is a fan. Watch his antics during Mavs games, the guy is a fanatic. I would not want an owner that is not business first. When you are spending $1B on a team, you have to think business first, sorry about that is classic economics. Would you rather a publicly traded company (SPAC) run the Cubs?
  3. Tear down the ivy: did Mark Cuban say he was going to tear down the ivy for more ad space? I never heard that one and highly doubt it. He is going (or so I assume) to go after market share on television, that is where the money lies.
  4. Wrigley name change: I was not aware that Cuban was looking to buy Wrigley. Did you know that Wrigley was being sold separately?
  5. Cuban hates the Cubs: strange, he sure doesn’t act that way. I request that you identify the reporter that said that Mark Cuban hates the Cubs. As well, where was this published? I highly doubt that Cuban would have this kind of lapse with the media when he has been so strategically courting the Cubs.

I invite, with open arms, your retort!