Oakland Raiders: 10 Players Who Are Not Getting It Done For The Silver and Black

Carl CockerhamSenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2010

Oakland Raiders: 10 Players Who Are Not Getting It Done For The Silver and Black

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    The Oakland Raiders lost a close one on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals 24-23. Sebastian Janikowski had an opportunity to win the game with a chip shot (for him) but he pushed it wide right.

    Many will be quick to point at Janikowski as the reason why the Raiders lost. He was definitely part of the problem but he was not the sole reason why the Raiders lost the game.

    This game didn't even need to be close.

    There were a few Raiders that simply didn't get it done on Sunday.

    The Raiders would have otherwise beaten the Cardinals soundly.

    Turn the page to see who they are.

Tom Cable

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    What was he doing?

    I know it's the Offensive Coordinator's job to call the plays but the head coach has to make sure it gets in on time. Tom Cable called three time outs in the first quarter because it took too long to get the plays in.

    Then there was the play that Gradkowski appeared to have gotten into the end zone on a sneak. The play was negated by a delay of game penalty once again because it took too long to get the play in.

    Cable's left tackle rotation is as horrible too.

    The only left tackle in the NFL that's worse than Mario Henderson is Jared Veldheer. This rotation does nothing but allow Henderson and Veldheer to take turns giving up sacks.

    How about giving another player a try?

    Then there's the end of the game.

    Why be conservative at the end if your kicker has already missed two field goals and has no confidence?

    There was plenty of time to try to get some shots at the end zone. Cable could have at the very least tried to move the ball further to make Janikowski's attempt shorter.

    It's not good when you trust your quarterback less than a kicker that's missed two on the day.

Mike Mitchell

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    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    I lobbied for Mike Mitchell to start at free safety and Huff to move to corner all off season for his tackling. And Sunday, he fails to take the proper angle and he misses a tackle on the opening kickoff.

    Yes, the opening kickoff that went to the house.

    The Cardinals did very little on offense in the first half so who knows what the complexion of the game would have been.

    I think it's a different game if he just makes that play.

    Mitchell needs to make these plays to get on the field more.

Tommy Kelly

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    John Henderson's injury must have been worse than I thought.

    On most of the Cardinals' successful run plays, Tommy Kelly was getting driven back by Duce Lutui. Things like that would especially happen on those crucial third and short plays. 

    Richard Seymour handled Alan Faneca and held the point of attack on his side.

    How was Kelly getting blown back by the second best guard with the Cardinals?

    The best stretch of football the Raiders had against the run was week two in the second half. Kelly was the three technique while John Henderson was the nose tackle.

    We all know Kelly isn't better than Seymour but Henderson is a better nose tackle than Kelly.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Henderson is back. 

Samson Satele

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Satele isn't getting much better.

    He is staying in front of his man but he's still getting driven back.

    You can't have that in the middle of your offensive line.

    Perhaps the Raiders could have run inside a bit more if Satele could win his block at the point of attack. As it was, Darren McFadden did most of his damage on draws, outside, and off tackle.

    Jake Grove is still out there.

Cooper Carlisle

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Cooper Carlisle gave up numerous pressures and allowed and Cardinal defensive lineman to knock down a pass attempt by Gradkowski. He also didn't win his block much at the point of attack in the running game.

    Why does Cable love this guy so much?

    Loper should move to his side and start when Gallery returns.

Mario Henderson

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    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    Henderson is one of those lineman that may be on this list every week. He was his usual self, giving up pressures and a sack on a stunt he should know how to pick up.

    As I've said before, his tag team partner is the only left tackle in the league worse than he is.

    I guess that's why he still plays at all.

Jared Veldheer

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    Gradkowski was sacked three times and there were many pressures that came with it. Veldheer chipped in with his strip-sack given up, and it almost ended up being a turnover.

    Veldheer's short arms are not equipped to protect the quarterback's back side. I have a message to those that want to compare Hall of Fame left tackle Jonathan Ogden's arm length to Veldheer's.

    Ogden was the exception, Gallery and Veldheer are the rule.

    Cable has to do something.

Darrius Heyward-Bey

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Darrius Heyward-Bey has improved, but not enough.

    The Raiders need men that they know can make a play.

    He dropped a deep ball on the first play of the game that should have been caught. With the game on the line, he dropped one in the end zone that a first-round pick should catch.

    He did make a fourth down catch in the comeback effort but it would have been necessary if he made the the other plays.

    Murphy and Chaz Schilens need to start when Schilens comes back. 

Bruce Gradkowski

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Bruce Gradkowski had a bad day.

    Doesn't that happen a lot with quarterbacks that aren't consistent?

    Bruce Gradkowski has never been consistent throughout his whole career so this isn't just one bad game. His mobility makes him a better for the Raiders at this time but they should probably fix that offensive line.

    This way the Raiders can see what Jason Campbell can do.

    Gradkowski isn't even consistent for four quarters of a game. Even in his best moments with the Raiders he came on in the fourth quarter after a not so good three quarters.

    They call him a spark for a reason.

    Sparks don't last long so Raider fans can forget about him being the answer. He did do some clutch work but a good quarterback kills the Cardinals like Matt Ryan did the week before.

    He shouldn't have need to do clutch work.

    Gradkowski missed an open Zach Miller in the end zone twice.

    One of them should have been intercepted.

    On a crucial third down, he missed Miller for a first down, and that too was dropped by the defender.

    His completion percentage on Sunday was only 50 percent and that's not very accurate. Seventy of his 255 yards came mostly running after the catch, and he did have a poorly thrown interception.

    Either the Raiders address the offensive line to see what Campbell can do or they do something about the quarterback position.

    Good teams aren't in close game with this year's Cardinals. (See the Falcons last week)

Sebastian Janikowski

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    How does a man the makes the money he makes go wide left with the game on the line?

    Maybe I should be trying to figure out how he's making so much money. Kickers get the big bucks to make kicks when the game is on the line.

    Wait, it gets worse.

    Janikowski wouldn't have had too make a clutch kick if he made one of his previous two misses in the game.

    Hey, Sea Bass.

    Pretend it's a contract year again.

    I hope you enjoyed the slide show.