Heisman Predictor Week 5 Edition: Ranking the Top Five Heisman Candidates

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2010

Heisman Predictor Week 5 Edition: Ranking the Top Five Heisman Candidates

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    As the 2010 College Football season hits the end of it's first quarter term we will give college football it's quarterly review. I feel it's a perfect time to assess the Heisman Race. By now every team has had four solid games to separate the contenders from the pretenders and show us who the true 'stand-out' players this season are.

    We've seen the downsides of up and all between, so let's jump into this and see who the top five Heisman Candidates are as of Week Four of the 2010 season.

    You're about to witness Quarterback love at it's finest.


Best of The Rest — Candidates Just Outside The Top Five

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    These are some guys who just missed the cut, but they've still got a great chance to make a run at the trophy as well.

    1. Cameron Newton, QB, Auburn—683 passing yards, 9 TD's to 3 INT's, 485 rushing yards, 5 TD's


    2. Daniel Thomas, RB, Kansas St.—628 rushing yards, 6 rushing TD’s, 157 rush yards/G, 16 rec.yards


    3. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama—308 rushing yards, 4 rushing TD's, 154 rush yards/G, 27 rec. yards


    4. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon—475 rushing yards, 4 rushing TD's, 158 rush yards/G, 1 punt return TD


    5. Colin Kapernick, QB, Nevada—924 passing yards, 7 passing TD’s, 451 rush yards, 8 rushing TD’s

5—Andrew Luck—Stanford University

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    Luck has defined himself as a clear "Heisman Contender' after a game in Notre Dame this past Saturday where he passed for 238 yards and a TD in the Cardinal's 37-14 win.

    On the season Luck has passed for 912 yards with 11 TD's and 2 INT's along with a 59.4 Completion Percentage and a 169.5 Passer Rating.


    Why He Could Win It

    Luck has clearly shown he belongs on the list with the perennial big boys of the college football world by defeating Notre Dame in South Bend, smacking Wake Forrest on ESPN a few weeks back, and stomping UCLA 35-0 in week two.

    The way I see it, if Luck keeps up these types of stats then he will remain in the mention of the Heisman, but if Stanford begins to falter once PAC-10 conference play hits and they suffer a few loses I see Luck's stock dropping.

    If Stanford goes undefeated, which I see is unlikely, then I could see Luck winning, but as of now Luck is merely a player lurking in the shadows.

4—Ryan Mallet—University Of Arkansas

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    Mallet passed for 357 yards and a TD against Alabama, but also had three terrible INT's that cost Arkansas a shot at the upset of the #1 ranked Crimson Tide.

    On the season Mallet has passed for 1,438 yards with 10 TD's and 5 INT's along with a 65.8 Completion Percentage and a 173 Passer Rating.


    Why He Could Win It

    Mallet is a baller from the Quarterback position and there's no way around that. He has the size of a future NFL QB (6'7" 240), and is developing the mind of a future star as well.

    Mallet has one of the tougher routes of the Heisman Candidates because of simply playing in the SEC week in and week out. However, if he keeps producing top three QB numbers then Mallet has a great chance to be invited to New York and even to win if the 'Hogs can keep winning. This guy is a potential Darkhorse to win the whole thing.

3—Terrelle Pryor—The Ohio State University

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    Pryor passed for 224 yards and 4 TD's and even tacked on 104 rushing yards and a TD on the ground in the Buckeyes win over Eastern Michigan this weekend.

    On the season Pryor has passed for 939 yards with 10 TD's and 2 INT's along with a 66.4 Completion Percentage and a 167.2 Passer Rating. Pryor also has ran for 269 yards and 3 TD's.


    Why He Could Win It

    Pryor has it all in place... A National Championship caliber team around him, an offense suited to himself, and a national stage to display his skills every week. Not to mention the Big 10 hasn't been a pushover this season by any means. Will he perform when that times comes is another thing though.

    I want to believe in Pryor, but he's gotta produce on the big stage. Pryor is very close with the other two contestants on this list and it could fall either way between the three. Who's gonna step up and have that defining "Heisman Moment"?

No. 2—Kellen Moore, Boise State University

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    Moore passed for 288 yards and four TDs for the Broncos in their game against Oregon State this weekend. Moore stepped up when it counted most and was the leader of the Broncos in their huge victory over the Beavers.

    On the season Moore has passed for 873 yards with eight TDs and one INT along with a 65.3 completion percentage and a 168.1 passer rating.


    Why He Could Win It

    Moore has the most emotional appeal of all the Heisman candidates, and for good reason! Kellen has led his Broncos over Virginia Tech and Oregon State as well as Wyoming, who is no pushover, and still put up Heisman numbers against them all.

    I believe Moore has a legitimate shot at winning, but also in the same sentence I can see him getting the "Colt Brennan Treatment" and getting spurned by the media for not playing a "difficult" enough schedule all season.

    I think that's a huge knock on Moore, and honestly, if Moore has the best numbers of all the candidates, I believe he should be treated as equal and be given a solid opportunity to garner the trophy.

    I will note, so far, this is my pick to win it in the end.

No. 1—Denard Robinson, University of Michigan

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    Robinson passed for 60 yards and rushed for 129 yards and two TDs in only one quarter against Bowling Green.

    Robinson went down with a knee injury; however, all of college football nation can exhale, as it appears it wasn't too serious, and he should be fine for the Wolverines' next game.

    On the season Robinson has passed for 731 yards with four TDs and one INT along with a 71.3 completion percentage and a 162 passer rating. Robinson also has run for a whopping 688 yards and six TDs on the season.


    Why He Could Win It

    Robinson is the clear front runner of the Heisman race thus far, and no one can argue that. The 'Nard Dog has not failed to disappoint this season, as he's led Michigan to an undefeated season thus far while putting up gaudy numbers from the QB position that Michael Vick and Pat White would be jealous of.

    I feel Robinson could run away with this award if he keeps up as he has this season. However, the health concerns of a 6'0", 180-pound quarterback taking 29 rushing attempts a game week in and week out against Big Ten competition scares me to death. I truly want to believe in Denard, but I feel he is writing checks his body can't cash.

    In the end, if Robinson stays 100 percent healthy, then I think he wins; if not, then I obviously see it going to Pryor or Moore.