Christian's Return: How This Is a Make or Break For Him

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

 Christian will be out for a while and most everybody knows by now. The big question now for the people worldwide is how will he return.

There are a lot of different questions I have heard thrown out for this return. The most common: Will he get the title?

I think he will. Not because I am a huge fan or anything, but I have been thinking about how he comes back and when he does.

Six to seven months was the suspected time of his return. This falls about the time of Wrestlemania and the start of a new "season". This could be a great opportunity for him if he came back at Wrestlemania.

The switch to SyFy is another question. After reading the match card for that day it looks to me like they will just make it a one show main attraction. I don't see any big name guys going over to Smackdown for this. The switch will be just like the XFL, a one time thing.

This may not happen, but just say it does. With no big name guys switching, Smackdown will be what it is now.

Hopefully with his time off Vince McMahon will finally see that not giving Christian the title would be a bad thing for business, if in fact Taker does retire at Wrestlemania. That would leave only Kane, Mysterio, Del Rio and CM Punk as big name guys on Smackdown.

I am trying not to be biased here, but come on he can go into those names. He has way better mic skills, and if done correctly, could be the face of Smackdown if WWE decides by then to get off the Del Rio bandwagon.

Even if not, a feud between them again would be great, if Del Rio holds the belt at that time.

Now if nothing happens for him and they make it seem like a nonchalant type of thing, this would be a break.

So for Christian's return they will tell us right off the bat if we will see him with the belt before he goes.

We all know he can hold a world title as he did in ECW. So please WWE, or more importantly Mr. McMahon, just let him have it. He deserves it for all the years he has given you and all of us.