RED FLAG: Carmelo Anthony In The Foot Steps of Vince Carter

Rich FernandesCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

Vince doesn't help his team in the playoffs.
Vince doesn't help his team in the playoffs.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony has been the subject of much controversy of late.  First he gives his team, the Denver Nuggets the cold shoulder treatment in the process of trying to force a trade out of town.  A short list of possible destinations has been provided to Denver’s GM to help expedite the transaction, and the NBA is faced with yet another team’s franchise player’s melodramatic discontent. 

While this MELOdramatic reality show plays out, one can’t help but be reminded of another superstar’s past, and very similar situation.  It was not long ago when then superstar Vince Carter performed his own melodrama by demanding a trade from Toronto.  The similarity of the two situations is eerily alike.

Vince Carter was a mega superstar and franchise player whose claim to fame was his fabulous, electrifying dunks.  He was adored by his fans in Toronto and around the league.  He was given spectacular nick names including Vinsanity, and Air Canada.  This superstar’s star was on a dramatic rise as he thrilled fans around the NBA.

Carmelo in much the same way, flourished in Denver and other NBA circles.  Considered a franchise player as well, this man can also dunk and score in electrifying fashion.  His nickname is simply Melo, an extraction from his own name.  Like past Vince, this superstar’s star has been on a dramatic rise.

When Vince pulled his melodramatic “I want out of town act” it was sad to see.  He missed many games with questionalble injuries.  He made comments to the media that, “he will never dunk again.”  He also gave his own team’s next play to the opposing  bench.  Watching Vince was like seeing a two year old kid pout by holding his breath.



While Melo’s melodramatics were not quite as idiotic, one can’t help but see the immature behavior that lies beneath this grown man.  Like Vince and many sports stars, Melo thinks the world revolves around him.  As a result, watching Melo has also become sad.

Both players have proven skills that simply can’t be denied.  They were both high draft picks out of college and deservedly so.  They have both flourished in the NBA, also deservedly so.  And they have both demanded trades from the teams where they became superstars. 

Is this where the similarity between the two players ends?  What other analogies can be made?

Vince has been widely criticized for lacking the heart of a winner, by being too lazy in his chosen profession.  His work ethic has been questioned ad nauseam, and as a result, so has his status as an NBA superstar.  Gone is the excitement when fans utter his name.   This superstar has fallen flat on his face, and has only himself to blame.  Fans and management alike in Toronto, and New Jersey grew fed up of his random star performances.  The Orlando Magic’s fans and management have now also witnessed Vince’s disappearing act last year in the playoffs against Boston.

Like Vince, Carmelo’s work ethic has come into question, although not to the same degree.  Not yet.  Melo can turn it on when he wants to, but the motivation and drive seems to be missing all too often.  A relevant issue that must be brought up concerns the ferocious scoring Nuggets a couple of years ago.  Recall that this powerhouse was eliminated from the playoffs by the Lakers.  It was a big surprise for fans.  If Carmelo can’t win with guys like Camby, Iverson, Martin, that many considered a championship starting four, then who can he win with?  To add fuel to the fire, he also can't win with Chauncy Billups.



In addition (and unlike Vince), Melo has shown extremely poor judgment in the past, that included appearing in a DVD with an actual drug dealer, who of all things, threatens to kill snitchers.  He has also been arrested for drug possession, and it would be foolish to ignore his drug escapades as a sign of his potential addiction.   The important question to ask is:  Are we seeing the whole picture of this volatile athlete?

Vince Carter probably only realizes now how good he had it with his original team.  Melo will likely come to that same conclusion in the future.

Like Vince, Melo's skills are not In question here, but both his desire to win, and his responsibility as a public figure is.  It says here that there is ample evidence that points to Melo as being a big risk to any potential teams.  If everyone is viewing this superstar’s transaction as a godsend to the receiving team, then think again. 

Melo is having trouble handling his tremendous success like so many other young superstar athletes. As a result, Carmelo Anthony is walking in the exact same steps as Vince Carter.  Like Vince, his superstar status is about to fall, but not before we all experience the MELOdrama.


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