The Kansas City Chiefs are the Real Deal, Even If the Media Doesn't Like It

John BartramCorrespondent IISeptember 26, 2010

DENVER - JANUARY 03: Brandon Flowers #24 of the Kansas City Chiefs waves to the fans after intercepting a pass which was intended for Jabar Gaffney #10 of the Broncos during the fourth quarter at Invesco Field at Mile High on January 3, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

That's right, the Chiefs, standing alone atop of the AFC West on a day that all their division rivals lost, must be a fluke, a fake, a flash in the pan, lucky, a "win ugly" second-class team.

I am updating this article from last night when I originally wrote it.  It's much worse than I thought.  Most of what I have read, and I have read a lot this morning is about how bad San Fransisco is and how they may be the biggest disappointment of the season.

Listening to one very popular radio show, the hosts talked about these very things, and then added, "but let's give some props to the Chiefs."  How very thoughtful. 

First it was the Chargers, who they had no chance against.  Well, they had the Arrowhead crowd, a monsoon, lucky punt return and their defense got a gift at the end of the game.  Additionally, Matt Cassel was worse than bad, he barley needed to be in the game.  In fact, many thought he shouldn't have.

So, off to Cleveland they went, underdogs again.  Cassel was horrific until the second half when he got the offense moving a little, but they stalled in the red zone.  Once again, their defense got lucky because Brandon Flowers returned an interception for a touchdown and they "won ugly," for their second win.

So, back home to Arrowhead Stadium to face the San Fransisco 49er's.  San Fransisco played a great, and very exciting game against the New Orleans Saints, the defending champs, therefore it was a foregone conclusion that they would come into Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs.  In fact, Las Vegas agreed making them a 2.5-point pick.

Apparently this second tier team got lucky again, very lucky.  As a matter of fact, they dismantled the 49er's. They beat them on the offensive line, the defensive line, on the ground and certainly on the scoreboard.

The real point of the article however is as I watched all the stories in the NFL today it was the Cowboys finally winning, the Vikings finally winning, the Steelers going to 3-0, the Giants playing an abysmal game against the Titans, Denver supposedly playing a game they had a chance in, the Chargers losing, and of course Atlanta beating New Orleans in overtime.

I've already written an article about my belief in Matt Cassel's ability, and my faith in Charlie Weiss's creativity to eventually call the plays to open up the offense.  Romeo Crennel has proved himself to be nothing short of a genius so far.  Todd Haley is on pace to become Coach of the Year because of his remarkable improvement, his ability to get his team to believe and how hard they play on every down.

Let the Chiefs keep being the underdog, which they certainly will the two weeks following their bye week. 

Let the media, which will throw the Chiefs some bones, and make some noise about them keep talking about the Cowboys because they're suppose to.  Let them talk about the Vikings because they have to talk about that selfish, over the hill, five or six time retired quarterback who obviously can't get it done anymore.

They'll obviously continue to talk about the Jets because they give us no other choice.  We know we'll hear about the Steelers, not just because they're 3-0, but because they don't even have their starting quarterback in yet, which will take up the media's mouth for a month or more, which he doesn't deserve.

We'll be deluged with Houston, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Micheal Vick, Seattle to some extent, the Chargers to the opposite extent, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and most of all, the upcoming game between the Eagles and Redskins.

I'm not suggesting that any of these teams and stories don't deserve attention, they do.  However, we'll be swamped with them.  That's OK with me.

Just keep talking about all the teams your "suppose" to talk about, no matter how boring, and how repetitious it is.  Keep the Chiefs the underdog, keep them under the radar and keep quiet, because so far it's working just fine, as is their coaching staff and team.

I suppose it will take a win over the Colts or Texans for the Chiefs to be considered a "good football team."