Carolina Panthers Pounded as They Make Four Turnovers Against Cincinnati

George AndersonAnalyst IISeptember 26, 2010

This face shows how ugly this game was
This face shows how ugly this game wasStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

Sorry Panthers fans as Carolina once again could not bring home the bacon. They could not even bring home the cheap stuff that is put into baked beans.


The Panthers offense was as anemic as ever. They had more turnovers than first downs at one point. The Bengals were up 10-2 in the first category early on. I didn’t realize it was so hard to get one first down. The offense should just be called “Three and Out.”


Then there was the running game. Williams did well at times, but he was averaging 6.5 yards per carry so all they do is throw it? The Panthers have yet to have a 100 yard rusher and I think Otah would change all that. He needs to come back and I mean now.


As for the passing game, there’s not much to say. Mike Goodson was the leading receiver. Steve Smith didn’t get going until the fourth quarter. And where are all the receivers they drafted? Maybe they should put Godfrey and Captain on offense as they have shown they can catch the ball.


Also, let’s not forget about the numerous turnovers. Do the Panthers know they are allowed to hang onto the ball when they are on offense? 4 fumbles is unacceptable and big changes need to happen.




Surprisingly, there was one good thing that happened during the game. The defense showed it is as good as it gets. They only recorded one sack, but they came up big a lot. They have some issues on third downs, but they made some big stops, they picked off Palmer twice and should have had a few more, but that is why they play defense.


I thought the run defense was great. The line did a good job against Benson most of the game. I think the defense has become complete. Unfortunately, they will need to start scoring if the Panthers want to win.


The Panthers are 0-3 and only have themselves to blame, meaning the offense should be blamed. They have no leader on the offense and until that changes, the Panthers will be competing with the Browns for the first pick.