Number Sixty-Seven

AlexAnalyst IMarch 9, 2017

With the series victory over the New York Yankees, the Twins are now 67-53 on the season and could move into first place with a White Sox loss tonight. Nonetheless, if you would have asked most "experts" and for that matter, many fans, whether the Twins would be fourteen games above five-hundred in mid-August they'd tell you no.

The Twins have drastically overachieved, and it's been because of their home winning ways. With the recent series, the Twins are now 41-22 at home this season with six more games coming up and then twelve more in September.

Delmon Young is really heating up, Span is still hitting and Mauer seems to be getting his groove back too. The Homerun Derby jinx is on Morneau again in this second half and he can't find his way out of a pretty big skid. With Casilla hopefully coming back soon and Cuddyer and Neshek (very small chance) possibly returning in mid or late September things look pretty good.

That could all change a week from now when the Twins begin one of the most critical stretches of the season -- a fourteen game roadtrip. Sure it'll be against the Mariners, A's, Angels and Blue Jays, for the most part teams that will be trying out youngsters. The games are still on the road and it will be no easy feat.

For me, I'd like to see the Twins win at least five of these six games at the Dome in August, and then stick in the race through the tough trip out west.