LSU is Undefeated and Its Fans Are Mad as Hell—What Gives?

Henry BallSenior Analyst ISeptember 26, 2010

It's Hard On A Pimp These Days!
It's Hard On A Pimp These Days!Joe Murphy/Getty Images

First let me, as an LSU fan say, "I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!"

ENOUGH is enough.

I love the winning, I do.

I love 55-15, I do.  You MUST admit, it's a good record (4-0, 2-0 SEC is a great place to be, just ask UGA).

I love the National Championship, I love the Man, I love the Character, I love the Hat.

But as one poster at ATVS (And The Valley Shook) proclaimed last night; I have contracted Bi-POLAR Disorder, I think we (LSU Fans) all have.

LSU's DEFENSE might be the best they've ever had (and they've had some pretty darn good defenses) but the offense is without question the WORST they've ever had, worst in the SEC and one of, if not the worst in the FBS.

It is truly hard to explain..

The pieces—better O-line, STRONG running game, and embarrassment of riches at Wide receiver and tight end—are there; the players—Shepard, Randle, Toliver, Ridley, etc.—are there; but the Tigers offense operates as if it couldn't score in a brothel.

The offense only seems to move when Stevan Ridley is carrying the ball (and defensive players trying to tackle him for that matter) for 6.5 YPC yet for some reason he's not getting 25 plus carries a game. 

I'm not a coach and don't pretend to know more than they do but if this guy shouldn't  be getting the rock more then I'm just a monkey's uncle.

In my humble opinion it is time to scrap whatever gumbo flavored concoction of an offense/play book (secret or not) Gary Crowton has and relegate his butt to an administrative role.  I know Miles isn't going to fire him mid-stream and I get that but set his butt on the PINE right next to Jordan Jefferson who has actually regressed with each passing (term used quite loosely) game.

Back up, Jarrett Lee might not be the answer at quarterback, if fact as much as I admire the kid for sticking with it after a horrible experience, including being boo'd by Tiger fans, as a freshman and sophomore, I'd be fairly surprised if he is but at this point it is clear Jefferson is not capable of moving the team forward.

With that in mind, give Lee a shot. Give him one quarter verses Tennessee to earn a second and one game to earn the job.

If he fails or even looks like he might fail then scrap it, you DON'T have a traditional quarterback, it is what it is. 

Run, run, run the I formation and the wildcat like you're in Godzilla's path and call it a day.

LSU has three players (Russell Shepard, Spencer Ware and Rueben Randle) that were all highly recruited dual option quarterback/athletes who could all run this offense with a plethora of solid RBs and speed to the corners and for options, etc...

Frankly if all they do is NOT SUCK as much as the current offense then this team could very well win the National Title (and if you haven't seen this defense play don't call me crazy)

In closing, "I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!"

To watch a really good video clip and read my inspiration for sticking my head out of the window follow the link below to ATVS: