Pac-10 Football Championship: Which City Should Host the Championship Game?

John DostoyevskyContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

Like the Olympic committee, the Pac-10 announced four cities that are in contention for the Pac-12 championship game.

Really, though, only two of them are really in contention for the game: Los Angeles and Las Vegas. No one is really considering Seattle or Glendale.

Who really wants to go to Seattle in December? The weather in Glendale is nice, but it can't compete with Los Angeles or Vegas.

I doubt it will be LA because games are already played in LA; therefore it won't be anything special. However, if they have it in Vegas, that's another thing entirely.

Vegas has wanted football for a while and will give the Pac-10 anything it wants. Secondly, it gives people an excuse to go to Vegas.

The only thing holding them up is a stadium large enough to host all the people.

Mayor Oscar Goodman has been seeking support to build a stadium that would fit 80,000-plus people in football stadium, and this would be the first step for Vegas to actually getting its own NFL team, so it's a win-win.