UFC 119: Chris Lytle Will Bring The Terror To Matt Serra

Dale De SouzaAnalyst ISeptember 25, 2010

Matt Serra, be careful. Chris Lytle may bring the "Terror" to you.
Matt Serra, be careful. Chris Lytle may bring the "Terror" to you.

First off, let me state for the record that I do respect Matt Serra and what he's done for the sport.

I do think his BJJ and Boxing will be a task for Chris Lytle to accomplish tonight at UFC 119, but I do see some flaws for Serra as well, and those flaws will spell "Terror" for "The Terror."

First off, he's going to be giving up a few inches to his opponent in this rematch of the TUF 4 Middleweight Finals. Seems like not too much of a problem until you recall Lytle's BJJ.

His is more effective over Serra's not because of experience, but because of the length in his legs, which helps him control opponents and obtain deeper chokes whenever he goes for a Triangle on anybody.

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The other key factor you have to worry about with Mr. Lytle is the stand-up skills he possesses. This guy once was a pro boxer and he's one of the best fighters in the Welterweight division to be able to claim such a thing.

In this fight, I see both men trading and both men going to the ground, but I share a prediction with Joe Rogan in that I don't think they're going to stall each other out before they throw.

They did that in the first fight because they'd trained together at the UFC Gym for The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback, so they knew that the other would be a threat on the ground and on the feet.

Now that they've been away from each other for a while, it's tough to say that they'd still take a cautious approach to each other, especially considering that these two Welters are two of the most well-rounded fighters in the UFC's 170-lb. division.

One factor of the first fight that I see in the second fight is endurance.

Last time, Serra's was better, but Serra took this fight because he's at a stage of his career where he's had the belt and the fights with Hughes and St.-Pierre, and so now he just wants the fights that are going to excite the crowds.