Baseball, Softball Cancelled for 2012 Olympics

KC AllenContributor IAugust 13, 2008

    Am I honestly the only one who believes that it is completely ludicrous that the IOC voted out baseball and softball from the 2012 Olympics in secrecy?

    I recently read an article about the removal of baseball and softball from the 2012 Olympics, and was shocked by the IOC's decision, let alone the fact that they did it in secrecy. I am still trying to figure out whether this was based on the domination of American women in softball (our men aren't too good, being that we don't use the best major leaguers), or if it is really based on a lack of fan support.

    Now, I also read that because the games are going to be in London for the 2012 olympics, that the London committee deemed softball and baseball 'too American' and should be removed. You may not know this but....most of the ENGLISH HATE AMERICANS GUTS. I lived there for a year and man, do they not like Americans.

    Reality check: Baseball and softball are bigger then equestrian (the damn horse doesn't even get the medal) and table tennis, and yes, synchronized swimming. They are all athletes, true, but let's be real and softball should be in over these 'sports.'

    Honestly, I just feel bad for the IOC and how many phone calls and letters they are going to be receiving over this decision. I don't even like baseball.