Golden Highlights Replaced With False Dawn Of Light at The End Of The Tunnel

Pav MandairCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2010

As the sun sets on the River Mersey on a daily basis Scousers do not look on wondering how deep the water is, but how deep the mess their dynasty of a club is plunging into.

One madrilènes onlooker who swapped the Manzanares for the River Mersey must now be contemplating how many more times will the sun rise again before it sets for eternity.

This certain Spaniard is Fernando Torres who must be at a local Merseyside optician for symptoms of colour-blindness as his conception of green maybe questioned as he may now believe the grass isn’t greener on the other side contrary to his thoughts when he was lauded into Merseyside in July 2007.

On July 4, 2007, Fernando Jose Torres Sanz bid farewell to his boyhood idols of Athletico Madrid as he braced himself for a career altering move to the grandeur that is Liverpool Football Club.

Upon his debut at Anfield he opened the scoring against Chelsea to a raucous cheer from the Kop faithful.

After immense expectations Nando delivered by becoming the highest foreign scorer in their debut season in the Premier League with 24 goals.

This was followed up by becoming the fastest Liverpool player to score 50 league goals a year later, with Fernando Torres becoming arguably the most valuable foreign commodity in the history of the club.

Combined together with the grandeur of Liverpool Football Club you wouldn’t need a periodic table to work out this was the perfectly combined element for success.

The beaming Spanish smile and his perennial expressions about his love of life on Merseyside indicated how much his rapport with the club was deemed immortal.

However, without a trophy since his arrival and the unstable ownership, is Fernando now pondering whether his Merseyside vision of utopia is now just a mere fantasy.

As Tom Hicks and George Gillett continue to bleed the club dry, does one of the world’s best strikers really need to lower himself to this kind of mediocrity, when he can walk into any squad in the world?

It is the same situation of  someone so pretty, so talented, so rich, they could have anyone or anything in the world but put money over class and ingrain with the wrong people.

Just look away from the computer for a moment and think, I’m sure you have come across that person in your life.

Throughout the last two summers rumours have run rapid about the possibility of Fernando Torres parting with Liverpool and heading for pastures new.

Rafael Benitez said the club turned down three £50m offers from  three Premier League clubs last summer with the general consensus that Liverpool would push on to challenge for the Premier League on the back of their second-place finish.

After the most turbulent season in the clubs recent history rumours were then rife with Hicks and Gillett’s loan deadlines looming and the club not looking in any form of stability any time soon let alone the fact there is no Champions League football the odds increased highly that Torres was seeking advances elsewhere.

There was believed to be a £40m offer tabled by Premier League champions Chelsea this past summer however it was not believed to have met Liverpool’s asking price of £50m.

Whether Torres was inclined was very intriguing as he never spoke to confirm or deny his future; silence speaks volumes? However upon returning from a very disappointing World Cup from an individual standpoint, speculation was abounding about the Chinese takeover, with a deal supposed to be reached by the end of August, (as I previously reported Fernando Torres was then told to commit to the club in belief of a new revolution; sadly, this never materialised.

Fernando Torres has always had Liverpool’s best interests at heart; he has embraced the Scouse lifestyle, talked perennially about how he is astounded by the Kop, and as remembered by many fans took time to learn about the club’s legacy upon arriving.

When Nando committed his future to the club this past summer he did it with the idyllic belief that was explained to him by Liverpool management that new owners were on the way by the end of August and the club would challenge at the summit once again.

August passed and the club remains the same with Tom Hicks looking to refinance the club for another two years. Fernando Torres looks like an expat wanting to be in another country but refused immigration.

The only difference with Torres is that he had his chance  but is now gone. The frustration he shows referees is the frustration of letting the opportunity to play with Europe’s elite slip through his Spanish fingers.

His gloomy face when playing is the sadness of still being at a club of turmoil.

And most importantly the anger of when missing a shot is the anger of deceit of being told that there was tidal wave of success on the horizon with new owners, however it was just another broken promise by the owners he now has to put up with due to his failure to realise that the promises were just mere lies and corporate patter.

This has been transmitted into Fernando’s poor form on the field. No longer we see the beaming smile as if he bought the Spanish sun to these shores.

No longer we see the urgency on the pitch that transmitted into his electric runs.

We now see a dejected man who constantly has his head down, frustration every time things do not go his ways instead of the content look we are used to seeing in acceptance of the situation and getting on with the game.

We do not see the same joy seeping out through his pores when Liverpool score we see a man going through the motions.

Is it lack of effort? Is it Lack of care? Of course not he is carrying the same dejection every Liverpool has clogging their veins as we speak.

It is his love for the club which is why we see this miserable Spaniard on the pitch rather than the usual exhilarating one, because it is depressing him how the club is being financially dissected by two callous Texans.

The same dejection every Liverpool fan carries to work on a Monday morning after a disappointing weekend is the same dejection that Nando has when he plies his trade.  

So as spectators and experts congregate to discuss how Fernando Torres is no longer Steven Gerrard’s Ant to Dec, Laurel to Hardy, Drake to Josh as the twin knights in shining armour steering Liverpool to success, ask yourself this.

Think of what you desire most in the world, if you were sat at Melwood and were told that pot at the end of the rainbow that pot of gold was a month away, wouldn’t it be worth waiting for?

And then when it doesn’t arrive and executives are sitting in a corporate board room chuckling away about how they pulled the wool over your eyes, wouldn’t you be aggrieved?

Wouldn’t you be less enthused to help their cause? Now think of the thing you possess more valuable than anything in the world.

Imagine if two corporate and profit driven scoundrels walked into your life and took it away.

I’m not talking about a sudden death robbery, I’m talking about slowly dissecting it and destructing it in front of your very eyes as you slowly watch it eviscerate into obscurity and can’t do anything about it; such as watching someone with a illness slowly dying each day knowing extermination is pending.

Wouldn’t this have an adverse affect on your actions? Wouldn’t this prevent you from performing to the heights you always have, knowing no matter what you do you have no control over the big picture?

Well this is exactly the demonic gloom that consumes Fernando Torres by seeing the larger than life club he took to his heart, now having that same heart methodically ripped apart, and you dare to even ask why he seems so hapless on the pitch amidst his poor form.


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