Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IAugust 13, 2008

Well the Cowboys have broke camp and set up shop in Denver as they prepare for Saturday nights game against the Broncos. The fact that it is only a pre-season game I would not suggest you waste a good bag of popcorn unless you are watching the Olympics. This year team has allot to offer owner Jerry has really went out and added allot of new ingredients to the recipe for sucess,by adding some old and new talent to enhance the already potent combination we had. Just like the 90's we have the new and improved BIG 3 ( ROMO,BARBER,AND OWENS ) OR THE BIG SIX  adding ( CRAYTON,JONES,AND WHITTEN )and the list continues with the addition of Zach Thomas and Adam Jones to the def. We also can welcome back a blast from the past as Eric Willams joins the team once again as a Off.line coach.So as the WWE superstar Dwayne ( The Rock ) Johnson would say CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ..........BOYS ARE COOKING.