WWE SMACKDOWN Review: The Undertaker and Paul Bearer Bring Back Old School

Jay BrennanCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2010

(World Champion) Kane vs. Chris Masters Match:

Kane defeated Masters after dropping him with a choke slam followed by a Tombstone.

Chris Masters had a surprisingly good showing against the current world champion. He actually had Kane locked up in the Master Lock for a good bit until Kane drove him into the ropes.

Masters has been making more appearances on the blue show as of late. He has put his time in since returning to the WWE.

There was no fan fare or intriguing program for Masters upon his return. He put in his time jobbing and tagging with a multitude of partners. I think that it’s time to give him a push.

Kane and Masters put on a great match that was entertaining regardless of the lack of back story.

Kane gave a post match promo telling the Universe that he had a challenge for the Undertaker. He delivered a convincing dialogue that made you feel like it was Halloween already.

Match Rating: 8/10

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty Match:

McIntyre finished off Tyson Kidd with the Future Shock after sending him into an exposed turnbuckle.

Tyson Kidd was outstanding throughout the match. His performance in comparison to Smith makes me wonder if Kidd is being held back from a successful singles career.

Tyson Kidd hit a spring board blockbuster neck breaker near the end of the match that dropped my jaw.

Cody Rhodes was on quite a winning streak prior to teaming up with McIntyre. McIntyre on the other hand was dropping matches to Christian and appeared to have been on neutral as of late. McIntyre certainly benefits the most from their affiliation. Their team may bring the much needed attention to the tag team division.

The tag team championship belts are more eye-catching then their predecessor. The popularity of the movie “300” among men gives the idea that anything with a Spartan helmet is tough.


Match Rating: 8/10

Hornswoggle & Dude Busters Segment:


This segment wasn’t as awful as the prior ones but it was still not entertaining.

The Dude Busters would do great with a “Jersey Shore” gimmick.

Trent Berretta even looks like The Situation and Croft would play a good Pauli D. I’ve heard that they have thought about giving the gimmick to Zack Ryder in response to TNA trying it out.

Segment Rating: 3/10

Kaval vs. Chavo Guerrero Match:


Chavo defeated Kaval after landing a frog splash.

Chavo Guerrero won a match and it wasn’t on ECW.

The announcers kept referring Kaval as being a “rookie”. Are you serious? This kid has been wrestling for years, yet they question if he made a “rookie mistake” by pinning Chavo close to the ropes.

It appears that they are going a different direction with him than that of Daniel Bryan and Nexus.

I am a bit surprised that we haven’t seen Joe Hennig or Husky Harris on either show as of yet. Riley going with the Miz seems to have ended the idea of Genesis.

It would be actually cool if they NEXUS simply added Joe and Harris to their stable to freshen up their act. However, it’s almost certain that John Cena will win the Hell in the Cell match thus ending NEXUS.


Match Rating: 7/10

Alberto Del Rio & Christian Segment:

Del Rio attacked Christian earlier in the night in the parking lot. He poked fun at Christian and Mysterio.

Del Rio told the Universe that Mysterio is making his return next week.

Christian attacked Del Rio during the promo. Del Rio got the upper hand and put Christian in the cross arm breaker.

It’s a shame that Christian got legitimately injured during his push. It has been reported that Christian will miss six months. The storyline to get Christian off TV gave Del Rio more heel heat.

Big Show vs. Hawkins & Archer Match:

Big Show made Archer tap via a camel clutch variation.

Show handled Hawkins and Archer like they were local jobbers. The match was quick and didn’t make them look like a formidable team.

I hate these handicap matches. They don’t do anything for the big guy and they certainly bury the duo. They spent weeks building these two up and making Archer look like a mean beast yet he was easily handled.

I have to mention that Big Show looks like a fool with his bandanna. 

Match Rating: 3/10

Jack Swagger Segment:


Swagger told the WWE Universe that he is going home to Oklahoma. He showed off is letter jackets which were later taken by the Dude Busters and Hornswoggle.

This was another worthless segment involving Hornswoggle that served no purpose. Why do the writers feel that Hornswoggle should be seen more on Smackdown? They should scrap those segments and give us another wrestling match.


Segment Rating: 1/10

CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows Match:


CM Punk defeated Gallows with the GTS.

The S.E.S. has been unceremoniously disbanded.

Gallows had some good offense against his former leader. I wonder if the fans can get behind him without the Festus gimmick.


Match Rating: 5/10

(Intercontinental Champion) Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP Match:


MVP won by count out over Ziggler when he walked out of their match.

Kaitlyn shoved Vicki Guerrero down after Vicki pushed her for touching Ziggler on the outside.

Is it just me or is does Kaitlyn seem a little awkward?


Match Rating: 5/10

Hornswoggle, Dude Busters, and Vicki Guerrero Segment:


They decided to give us three appearances by Lucky Charms in one night.

The Dude Busters put Vicki in the truck and shipped her off to SyFy. It was mildly funny. Hey didn’t they do this storyline about the movers with Jesse and Festus?


Segment Rating: 3/10

Kane & Undertaker Segment:


Kane said “There is a new beast of the apocalypse”.

They even put “evil music” in the background as Kane delivered his promo.

The announcers kept stating that they don’t know what challenge Kane has for the Undertaker. Hey guys, could it be a Hell in a Cell match being that it’s the next pay-per-view?

A red casket was delivered to ring side. Kane opened the casket and found Paul Bearer inside!

Paul Bearer held up the urn which gave the Undertaker powers again. Undertaker did his classic pose as he reached out to the urn.

I have to admit that I popped like a school child when I saw Paul Bearer. I have never been a huge fan of Taker and Kane’s dark side gimmick but this was good stuff.

Wasn’t Paul Bearer the one who turned on the Undertaker and sided with Kane in their initial feud? 

So the Undertaker brought Paul Bearer back to life after he buried him alive in cement?


Segment Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts:

No Matt Hardy again. It looks like he is finally heading off to TNA.

Now that Christian is on the shelf, the show will need another top face to replace him.

I am excited about Smackdown to moving  to SyFy next week. MyNetwork was never really a good fit for the product. Being on cable will have less restriction on the story lines.

Wow, three straight weeks of top notch programming from the WWE. Had it not been for the Hornswoggle segments, this would have been my first 10/10 rated show. He should get the boot and they should bring back Shelton Benjamin.

Final Rating: 9/10


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