WWE Smackdown: A Showcase of All That's WRONG with the Tag Team Division

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2010

THESE are your Tag Team Champions. For real.
THESE are your Tag Team Champions. For real.

Hello lovely Bleacher Report readers, Andre Harrison here, and it's time for another Harrison's Analysis. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes find watching Smackdown a chore, but after last week's very good show and after reading the spoilers for a return of a certain "Bearer," I thought it was worth checking out. It wasn't a very good show, and in my eyes, it highlighted one thing: The Tag Team Division in the WWE is EVEN WORSE than the Women's Division. Allow me to explain...

The night after Extreme Rules, the Hart Dynasty's Bret Hart rub finally pays off with their massive Unified Tag Team Championship win. They have a good start to their reign with title defenses against Chris Jericho and The Miz, and The Uso's. They even got new Championship Belts. As ugly as they may appear to many, at least Bret (when he was Raw GM) tried to make the Division and the belts seem more important.

However, as soon as he left, the Champions got significantly less airtime, in fact, often becoming the victims of attacks from The Nexus. Not to mention having an impromptu title defense in a gauntlet match at Night of Champions, where they came out first and lost the belts within two minutes. Wonderful.

Fast forward to last night's Smackdown, and things get worse. The Harts lose their rematch to the new Champions, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. I have no problems with Rhodes or McIntyre as singles guys, but as a tag team? Remember, these two have only been a tag team for about three weeks, and they're now the No. 1 team in the whole division?! That's complete rubbish, and it makes the other Tag Teams look stupid.

Cody Rhodes doomed to the Tag Team Division since 2008.

But they're not the only examples. Let's look at what else happened involving Tag Teams on last night's show: Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins. Not the best of workers in Archer, but they're solid enough together. What happened to them? Squashed by The Big Show in under 90 seconds. I like how they're booking Big Show to actually be a giant at last, why not just bring in some jobbers for the night, rather than a credible established Tag Team? The belts are on Smackdown, unless you're gearing up to make Big Show World Champion. Enough with the madness; this squashing achieves nothing!

As for The Dudebusters? They're teaching Hornswoggle how to read? Do I even need to explain this? If the WWE can't take these guys seriously, how do you expect us, the average viewer, to? I say this because The Dudebusters are probably the second best Tag Team in the WWE right now. They have a decent look and are both solid wrestlers and actually LOOK like a Tag Team. That's a start.

And as much as I love Santino Marella, I don't think anyone's taking his Tag Team (him and Kozlov) and love story with Tamina seriously either.

It's sad, because there's very little to like about the WWE, and it's tag teams right now. Maybe Vinny Mac thinks it's dead. I say that because the way he's treating it right now, he might as well be beating a dead horse.

What do you readers think? What do you think could fix the division right now? Let me know. I've been Andre Harrison, and that was your Analysis, thank you very much for reading, and Sayonara.