Arkansas V. Alabama Game Is The Place To Be!

Sharp TuskContributor IISeptember 25, 2010

Arkansas V. Alabama Game Is The Place To Be!

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    After the revelry, enjoy the game!

    No. 10 Arkansas v. No. 1 Alabama: 50 Cool and Must-Have Stats and Facts

    Not since 1981 when Arkansas beat No.1 Texas 42-11 has Fayetteville, Arkansas, seen this much bedlam! Back then, it was after the game.  At least one car was overturned and set fire in the frenzy on Dixon Street giving Fayetteville a local nickname, Fayettenam.  

    For the last two days, the area around Reynolds Razorback Stadium has been rocking.  ESPN sent a crew.  The Goodyear Blimp flies overhead.  Jumpers are practicing their entrance into the stadium while students began camping out on Tuesday to get a good seat.  National media fills the radio airwaves on local shows.

    Most importantly, the crowd on Razorback Road outside the stadium has devolved into a non-stop block party. 

Callin' The Hogs Yesterday

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    Yesterday via RazorbackCamper on Twitter

    Razorback Road filled to capacity yesterday as Fans drove Razorback Road, camped out and lined the streets for a chance to cheer on the Hogs.

This Was Not On Razorback Road!

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    From Woo Pig Sooie on

    Ear lobes used to be kind of attractive. They will never be the same now.

The Call Has Been Made

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    Red Out via RazorbackCamper on Twitter

    It is an official "Red Out" Day for Hog fans.  Spectators will not be the only ones sporting new duds.  The Razorbacks will have new uniforms although what they look like has been the subject of much speculation.

    Most likely they are cardinal tops with white pants although given Ryan Mallett's photo with Erin Andrews, there is a possibility Arkansas comes out the tunnel with black and red.  A lot of good that did VaTech earlier this year!

    Probably the same character who designed the Clinton Library to look like the world's fanciest single-wide trailer has also created an entrance where the players will run through a pig snout. 

    How do people that have breaks with reality ever get into position to control such things?


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    Cheer Squad via RazorbackCamper on Twitter

    Arkansas Pom Pom Squad escorts Tusk IV, the University of Arkansas' mascot, around Fayetteville yesterday.

Campers Line The Streets

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    Campers for Blocks via RazorbackCamper on Twitter

    For blocks up and down Razorback Road, Arkansas fans line up for their chance to stick it to the Tide!

    Bobby Petrino and basketball Coach John Pelphrey (who is actually putting together a national Top 10 recruiting class) bought pizzas and had them delivered to campers.  

Too Geeked To Sleep

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    Into the Night via RazorbackCamper on twitter

    This photo was from three to four hours before this post.  

Hog Fans By The Pickup Load

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    Waving the Flag via RazorbackCamper on twitter

    Flags flew ready for 'Bama.

Party All Night Long

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    Party All Night Long via Razorback Camper on twitter

    If Arkansas wins, the party will continue all week because Arkansas' schedule, although not certain, is favorable. 

    The reality is that the Hogs have a shot at winning out if they beat Alabama, and everyone in Arkansas knows it.  

    Every Hog will have his day, and today, this season, is it!  


    Enjoy the game!

    No. 10 Arkansas v. No. 1 Alabama: 50 Cool and Must-Have Stats and Facts





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