Hell In a Cell 2010: How Triple H Will Return To The WWE In a Little Over a Week

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Hell In a Cell 2010: How Triple H Will Return To The WWE In a Little Over a Week
The king of kings

On April 25th, 2010, The Cerebral Assassin Triple H was put out of action by former WWE champion Sheamus. The two were involved in a short feud after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, because Triple H pedigreed Sheamus which led to Sheamus being pinned and eliminated form the chamber costing him his championship. The following night on Raw Sheamus attacked HHH while he was in the ring after his match. This led to the 2 having a match at Wrestlemania 26 in which Triple H won. The two ended the feud at Extreme Rules where as Sheamus claims he ended The Game's career.


The WWE was planning Triple H's return to take place at Summerslam when they released a poster for the PPV that had Triple H on it. WWE officials removed the posters because the creative team believed it was to early to have him return and cost Sheamus the title. It was to early because they wanted Sheamus to hold the title until night of champions so he could lose it in the six pack challenge.


if Triple H does indeed return at The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view I see him coming back as a face to cost Sheamus the championship due to the fact that Raw might need another face because if Cena does not change to a Heel, in creative terms Orton will even though the fans might no view him as a hell. Orton hates being a face and he believes as of now he is a natural heel.

Triple H will start a grudge feud between himself and Sheamus while the champion Orton might start a mini feud with possibly Cena if he doesn't or does join the Nexus.

I look to see Triple H returning while Sheamus has an advantage on Orton and he getting ready to capitalize and win the match. Triple H's music will hit and he will come down the stage in his leather jacket and jeans Sheamas will stare at him and when he turns around The Viper will strike with a RKO.

The next night on Raw Sheamus will come out ranting how he should be champion and he then calls out the Game. Triple H comes down and says" you shouldn't have been worried out me I thought you ended my career. Well you know Sheamus you only made me stronger". He runs down the ramp and they begin to brawl and Triple H gets the upper hand and pedigrees him. Triple H's music hits and he gets a loud ovation from the crowd closing that episode of Raw.

well this closes my episode thanks for reading.

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