UEFA Champions League: Who Rules Europe Now?

Gian-Tomaso MazzocchiContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

MONACO - AUGUST 26:  Adidas balls on show alongside the three main European club trophies,the Champions League,Europa League and Super Cup during the UEFA Champions League Group Stage draw at the Grimaldi Forum on August 26, 2010 in Monaco, Monaco.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)
Michael Steele/Getty Images

It has been written that certain teams have eclipsed others.  It has been written that Sir Jose and his current team are perpetual favorites. 

It has been written that some teams cannot win without certain players.  It will be written that football, on the pitch, tells all.  And so we begin...

The ruling class is governed by a team in flux in Internazionale.  The good bets were on Barcelona to reacquire their crown, then the Lion King picked up an injury and the team looked lost without him. 

AC Milan has proved a hapless midfield with three inept strikers begging for the ball and thereby woefully failing to track back in support. 

Real Madrid has scored in an unconvincing fashion, with key players yet to show up in their new "Special" system.  Bayern Munich, the defending defenders, are looking up at a host of unknowns. 

AS Roma: Bad so far.

Juventus: Horrible so far.

Chelsea: Fabulous, period.

At some point one must consider that a team and all its elements have been through many adversities and will ultimately prevail due to its collective strength as a result of having endured said hardships. 

This is the team in Europe to reckon with.  This is the team to move out of the way on your long and arduous trek to European dominance, because as of this moment Chelsea is The Team. 

Are they as great as the Barca squad of two seasons ago? Probably not, but then again no team might ever be.  

Are they great enough to surpass the firepower of Real Madrid?

Are they skilled enough to outlast Barca?

What's to be said of the Arsenals of the world, with their great skill and small stature, or the other teams hiding under the radar, waiting to beat up an unaware Real, as did happen last season?  (Or a Barcelona this season for that matter?)

A new champion will emerge this year in Europe.  The question is who will it be and where will this champion hail from? 

Manchester?  Catalunya?  London?  Munchen?  Milano?  Elsewhere?

It is going to be an in interesting season, for sure.  The European crown is up, officially, for grabs...