Bryan McCabe: No-Trade Clause Waived & Headed South?

TopShelf JerseysCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008

Approximately an hour ago released an article citing the fact that Leaf D-Man Bryan McCabe has waived his no-trade clause. Further he may be headed south to the Sunny shores of Florida as the Panthers are apparently at loggerheads with one of their own D-Men Jay Bouwmeester who is believed to be uninterested in signing an extension with the Panthers.

The waiving of the no-trade clause on McCabe's behalf definitely indicates he has realized that he does not fit in with the new direction the Leafs are going in.

His production has been down the past couple of seasons and he has drawn the ire of the Leaf Nation for his sloppy defensive play at times.

However he could very well recapture his offensive touch with a change of scenery and could help a team in transition like Florida with his experience and leadership.

Of course there are probably other suitors for his services as well but the Panthers destination does make some sense. However speculation that this move would precede the Leafs acquiring Bouwmeester would be premature.

Bouwmeester is still quite young and could become a premier defense-man under the right circumstances and you can bet even more teams will be interested in his services.

Adam E.

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