Move Over Hulk Hogan, John Cena To Make Biggest Heel Turn Ever?

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IISeptember 24, 2010

Night after night, the face of WWE, John Cena, claims how we can't see him.  Honestly, I don't know how much longer I want to see him.

Most wrestling fans remember where they were during Bash at the Beach 1996 with Hulk Hogan interfered in the main event and attacked Randy Savage instead of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, turning heel and forming the nWo.

I've seen articles about this and whispers of Cena going heel, but I would like to look at the Pros and Cons if this were to happen.

We all know Cena sells more merchandise then any other WWE Superstar and is a kids' favorite.  You could even say, he is arguably one of the biggest face draws of all-time.

However, with this brings jealously and hate towards him from some wrestling fans, claiming he can't wrestle. 

With the new PG and Corporate turn the WWE has made, Cena doesn't even have the same finishing move name, it is now the "STF".  What is that?  Stop the fun?

Also, his big finisher is now equal to a second tier minor league baseball team, Attitude Adjustment (AA).  It just doesn't have the same feeling as someone telling you to go @#%* yourself.

We've seen numerous Cena hatred on signs and shirts over the past few years, even though he is the biggest "good guy" the WWE has.

WWE can control a lot of things, but they can't control how most adults feel about the company and it's wrestlers.

Most kids will just cheer for the top dog for no reason in particular, they just do what they are told.  Veteran, adult WWE fans, tend to dig deeper and cheer for who they want to cheer for, not who they are told to cheer for.

A heel turn for Cena would break a lot of hearts but it would be huge, just huge.

There is no star in the WWE that can turn heel and make headlines like a Cena turn would.  The Undertaker and Triple H going bad would turn heads but their hardcore fans would still love them, and love their new roles if applied properly.

However, a Cena turn would most likely give WWE a lot of credit for going against the normal grind of their gears over the past few years.

If only they would throw a big stick in those gears and swing things the opposite direction, WWE television would become very interesting and compelling once again.

As far as the kiddies go, they will find someone else to cheer for, WWE shouldn't worry about that one bit.

So please WWE, do us all a favor.  Pull the plug on "Super Cena" and put an end to "Cenation."  You can always go back to purple, gold, orange, yellow, green and whatever color scheme you want another day in time.

For now, the wrestling world needs a big moment, make it Cena going heel.

Also, a John Cena vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania 27 would be icing on the cake.

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