Georges St. Pierre to BJ Penn: "Slow Your Roll"

Nate DoubleAnalyst IAugust 13, 2008

It almost seemed BJ Penn had his eyes not only on the welter weight and light weight titles, but on Joe Silva's job as well.  But before Penn fills in the rest of the card for the UFC's Dec. 27 event he might want to start looking for a new main event.

Originally reported by, Georges said this of his schedule:

"Many state that my next opponent should be BJ Penn. Nothing has obviously been signed yet, but he is my No. 1 challenger. I believe he deserves a chance to challenge me for my title, but we’ll see what happens on that matter in the next few weeks…

"On my end, however, I don’t know if I’ll be stepping back into the Octagon before 2009. I’ve fought four times in the last 12 months. I therefore need some rest. I like the life I lead, but I sometimes need to relax. It’s not the fight as such that’s exhausting; it’s all the preparation that comes with it.

I’ve made so many sacrifices to prepare myself. During training camps, I practically do not live anymore. It’s therefore on a psychological level that I need to recharge."

The rematch has been talked about ad nauseam since their first fight in 2006 and gets new life whenever GSP or Penn handily beats an opponent.  Serious speculation on the super fight began again before GSP's fight with Jon Fitch when Penn announced he was fighting GSP on Dec. 27.

While GSP has stated that he'll gladly defend his title against anyone who deserves a shot he clearly doesn't want BJ Penn calling all the shots in regard to their rematch.