Favre and Coles Talk to Each Other - NFL Press Implodes

Todd MorseAnalyst IAugust 13, 2008


New York - Brett Favre and Laveraneus Coles have had long, heated, private conversations the past few days.  See, LC already had his alliances, and it sure, he liked his QB's tall and with a southern drawl, but his was younger, had those doey eyes, shiny blond locks and actually cared about him.  Now Coles just has 87 problems and Brett is one. 

Brett, there he was, at the podium again, with Rachel Nichols, one of the hardest hitting reporters in sports, no, probably all of reporting, asking him the tough questions, like "how was your day?" and "were you achey today?"

Yet somehow, Nichols managed to get Brett to publicly publicize details about his and Coles' privately private conversations.  In doing so, the cagey QB with the golden cannon hurt Coles' feelings.  PFT is saying he has probably hurt those feelings and their relationship to the point where Coles will never trust Favre. 

Well then, there it is. Story of the Year.  Brett Favre talked about a discussion he and Coles had, and they hate each other now.  Twenty minutes of SportsCenter coverage devoted to this topic the day Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated athlete in Olympics history. 

Hopefully, by tomorrow, the Jets PR team realizes the impact of the words "private conversations" and Favre can tell everyone tomorrow that he isn't gay.

You know, in between Rachael Nichols' "How are you today?" wink and the "is it weird getting your haircut in New York instead of Green Bay?" hammer.