Fantasy Hoops: Recap of Recent Headlines, Beno Udrih, Derrick Favors and More

Ken ParkContributor IISeptember 24, 2010

Paul Westphal hints that Beno Udrih will start this season
Paul Westphal hints that Beno Udrih will start this seasonStephen Dunn/Getty Images

The FNC is meant to be a periodic column from 3 Got Game's NBA Analytiks that synthesizes important fantasy news all in one place. The hope is that these tidbits help you on your journey to winning that ever elusive Fantasy NBA championship! Let's get to it. 

Beno Udrih - Rising
Following the departure of Kevin Martin last season, Beno excelled in a starting role. In March, Beno averaged 14.9 pts, 7.4 asts, 1.5 stls, and 3.9 rebs a game and in April, his production was just as solid. Throw in his excellent percentages (49.3 FG% and 83.7 FT% on the season) and Beno makes for a solid #2 point guard on any fantasy team. That is - IF Beno is starting.

Recently, Paul Westphal finally shed some light on who the Kings will start at the 1. Westphal said, "[Beno] made a good case for being a starter (this season), and looking at the makeup of our roster now, that's how I view him." In the article, he also speaks highly of Beno's character and leadership.

Keep this in mind on draft day. If Paul Westphal isn't fickle, Beno might be available in later rounds as a quality backup point guard for your roster.

Greg Oden - Falling and Marcus Camby - Rising
The Camby Man can - especially if Greg Oden can't. The Portland Trail Blazers Director of Scouting, Chad Buchanan, recently went on a radio show and said he wouldn't be surprised to see Greg Oden play only 60-65 games this season. There are also some reports that Oden hasn't even resumed basketball activity yet and may miss the 1st few weeks of the season.

Even when Oden does come back, there's a good chance the Trail Blazers will follow the Rockets' lead in limiting their big man's minutes. This news raises Marcus Camby's value significantly. Last season he averaged nearly 12 rebs and 2 blocks per game in just 31 minutes of play. He's also starting to shed his injury-prone tag as he's played in 74, 62, 79, and 70 games the past 4 seasons. 

Derrick Favors - Rising (Slightly)
Coach Avery Johnson went to a Nets board meeting and apparently presented video footage to highlight the similarities between Derrick Favors, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett's games at similar ages. Wow. If Coach Avery is willing to put that rookie in the same breath as 2 of the best power forwards of all-time, it either means a) the Nets are deviously trying to bid up Favors trade value or b) Favors really has awesome potential and Avery might just be the guy who can unlock it.

Avery always seemed like a stand-up guy to me and so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Consider yourself officially put on notice. In keeper leagues, if you have a young team that has a frontcourt hole, you might seriously consider grabbing Favors, watch him bumble around for 1 year, and hope Avery's prophecies come true sooner rather than later. (Read more on Derrick Favors in 3 Got Game's Van Wilder's Court)


Quick Hits

Dampier is close to signing with the Heat, which means he'll still have some fantasy value until he gets hurt this season. By the way, the Heat now have an insanely stacked lineup. I wrote a column the other day arguing that the Bulls had a chance to take out the Heat, partially because of the Heat's softness in the middle. Pat Riley just pissed in my Cheerios with this signing.

- Don Nelson's departure may have a negative impact on some Warriors, depending on how Nellie's replacement decides to righten that ship. Most likely, Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis' production won't dip too far, but the days of Golden State role players racking up insane stat lines may soon be over. Keep a close eye on the Warriors during preseason to get clues of the new coach's general philosophy.

That's it for now. Catch up with y'all soon!