The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Look at Last Nights TNA Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 24, 2010

For those who regularly read my Good, Bad, And the Ugly; I have decided to try something new. I will give posting a live update a try. It is something new that I wanted to try out. I Hope all of you enjoy it, if not I Apologize.

 Last weeks impact was a solid show. I know some may disagree on that thought, but that’s just how I feel. With that said; I have hope that this week turns out just as good, if night better. We shall see in this week’s edition of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I even have a bonus for you. My good friend of almost twenty years, and longtime wrestling fan will call the shots for the last match or so. I hope that all of you enjoy it.

(Please note this is a live update from last night. Also, my friend and longtime wrestling fan wanted to make a guest spot. So I let him review a part of the show. His thoughts and opinions will be shown in caption. His thought and opinions are not mine; it was a one-time thing that you may not see ever again.)

Also, sorry for the delay, I started a second job. Otherwise this would have been posted last night.


The Good

 Rob Terry vs. Abyss: Winner Rob Terry DQ

 I will be honest this wasn’t the worst match I have ever seen. Some may be scratching their heads on why this was in the good section, and normally I would be doing the same thing. After all; when you put Terry and Abyss in the ring you don’t really thing five star stuff

 That said, I enjoyed this match. Both big men really did a somewhat decent job. I even enjoyed the cheesy run in action. That is why I even put something like this in the good. 

The Pope keeps it real

 The Pope cut one of the Best promo’s I have seen in months on Impact. This was just solid Gold in my opinion. While I have never been a big fan of the Race Card angle, I think Pope is the perfect guy to do it with.

 I have believed for years that black athletes have been jobbed. I think this angle can really shed some light on the subject, even if it is built on a story line. TNA has struck gold with this. If they play their cards right they can do well.


 Hamada and Taylor Wilde beat Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich

 I am very happy to see Wilde and Hamada getting the push they are getting. This team looks to have some promise. The only problem is that theirs is not enough justification for women’s tag title. Let’s be honest, how many people can they defend it against.

 What I really want to see is Hamada wrestling for the Knock outs belt. I think we may have to suffer more BP feuding though. This has dragged on about a month to long all ready. I hope they end it soon before it becomes monotonous.


Crisp segments

I think TNA did a solid job with the segments between matches. They normally bore me, this week they fit the action that was going on, it meshed well.


 The Bad


RVD’s return promo

 RVD’s opening promo was just beyond bad. He has never been the greatest promo guy in the business, but this is just awful. I’m sure we will we see him improve; I hope for TNA’s sake this is the case.


The Chris Sabin vs. Jeremy Buck

 I know what you’re thinking. “How can this be in the bad when Rob and Abyss are in the good”? That is a fair question that I will explain. I put this in the bad because I expected so much more. When I saw this match I was stoked.

Be honest folks; I know you were thinking it to. What did we get though? We got a 5 minute quickie with a so so beat down. I just call them as I see them. The letdown factor was so high; I had no choice to put it in the bad section.

I know I will catch heck for this pick. I will argue it with you all night long. Please feel free to disagree. I am always up for a good wrestling debate.


Samoa Joe vs. the pope

This match was an awesome match between great two competitors. It was going well all the way until the end. Then TNA just had to go and mess it up. I would like to meet the person that booked this match and just …., I will leave it at that.

What a way to kill a match that had a chance to be at least four stars. Words cannot even explain the disappointment I felt after it. It is bone heads moves like this that really test my loyalty to the show. I guess I know what a Royal’s fan feels all the time.


The AJ Styles & Sabu Latter Match

 (Opinion of Shawn Garrison)

 What should have been an amazing match, ended up as being senseless drama. I have been a Sabu fan since the days of E.C.W. Double stacked tables… yeah the good old days. Look… it would be senseless to have your most valuable asset wrestle in a full blown hardcore match with Sabu, by doing so… you made AJ Styles appear weak.

 Remember… at some point in time, you may actually consider giving this man his shot to be the top dog again, why he is not now…this is beyond my comprehension. If you are going to make a hardcore match, then do so! High expectations are senseless we did not need the gang fight afterwards that match could have been great.

Great ending, with the beer bottle to the head of Sabu, it would have been more entertaining if they had Scott Hall run into the ring and then he proceeded to suck the beer right off of the mat with a straw. Then AJ Styles (Major Asset) has to get helped up the leader by his buddy. And…How much coffee does Rick Flair drink in a day? He was great back when, I do not want to see him have a heart attack on the show.  Notice how he gets Red in the face when he’s pumped, somebody give this man his milk and cookies so he can get some rest.


Abyss pummels Jeff Hardy.

(Opinion of Shawn Garrison)

 Yeah I am glad that Abyss adds that danger element to the show, you always have to have at least one of those guys back there lurking and waiting to cause destruction. I began to watch TNA and it starting off being a great show; however I then had to see the grand finale of matches, (The Awesome Ladder Match…not), as I sat there looking for some more Tums. I got to hear Abyss, “they are coming on 10/10/10!” This made me a bit more Nauseous. Maybe the ladder match could have been done well, or up to its potential instead of so much boring filler. Then save the drama for the very end, as you were going off air. You would have had a good show. It certainly used to work for W.C.W. before that organization tanked.


The Ugly

(Opinion of Shawn Garrison)

Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson promo

 This may have been quite far the worst moment of the evening.  We go to see, Anderson kiss Kurt Angle rear end. I respect you, you respect me. Blah, Blah, blah, nobody cares! You have two guys who have shown that they can work the stick, then why don’t you?  Thank you for one of the lamest moments in wrestling. I hope that this is not a sign of more senseless filler to come.  I am actually hoping for the geriatric grandpa and grandmamma Drama to come after watch this.


And sure enough I got to see Rick Flair, followed by Kevin Nash and Sting. Is it Hogan’s turn next? I hope not.