Kane: What WWE Should've Done

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IAugust 13, 2008

OK, I know I haven't been on Bleacher Report lately, and I'm sorry. This was due to personal reasons and work, but I have been watching WWE lately, and it has been nothing short of awesome for the most part. Now, on to my article about Kane...

I was watching the whole Kane storyline and that damn bag. Everybody knew (so they thought) that it was Kane's old mask in the bag and he was talking about himself when he was talking about the man who was a shell of his former self. WWE then threw a  curve ball at us and Kane pulled out a Rey mask. Many folks thing WWE did this after everyone thought it was Kane's mask. I think that is just bullshit.

WWE wanted us to think Kane was talking about himself. So now when Rey comes back, he has a heel to work with. I personally think the first idea is much better. Have Kane pull out the old mask. Grow his hair out and go back to being the original monster of the WWE and put Kahli and Henry to shame.

OK, WWE wanted to surprise us. I guess it's a bad thing when we know what's going to happen. Or at least that’s what WWE thinks.

I think it is like a '90s television show. You know how the show's going to end, but you finish watching it anyway because you know it is going to be enjoyable. The situation with Kane and putting his old mask on is the exact same thing; people would rather see Kane put on his old mask even if they see it coming, because they know it's going to be enjoyable.

Do you care if you’re surprised or not? Do you want to see masked Kane return or Rey return and watch Kane get jobbed out? Maybe I'm alone here, but I want to see masked/crazy Kane come back.

Maybe even put the title on him? They put it on Punk; why not Kane? I think WWE missed out on the Kane storyline, but maybe I'm overthinking this. I'm not counting out the Rey-Kane storyline yet. 

WWE could have done both. Have (masked/crazy badass) Kane attack "Rey Rey" when he returns, then beat the living shit out of him and BAM! an interesting storyline. Then have Kane call Rey a has-been and over-rated, or something of that nature, but its still to soon to tell. Stay tuned in to Raw folks to watch this unfold.

Well  I will be writing more stuff later, but I go back to school soon so I'm trying to write as much as possible before then, at which point I will be overloaded with work. Thanks for reading.