Fanatsy Quarterback Shuffle...Whose Number Two When You Lost Out On Vick

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

2009 Mark Sanchez by hhchamber
2009 Mark Sanchez by hhchamber


With the exception of the Steelers whose quarterback shuffle lies in the hands of sprained knees, torn MCL's, acts of stupidity, and defensive tormentors the latest dance of the quarterbacks are acts of desperation? Lucky for fantasy owners the impact is minimal, unless you too have fallen prey to the whiff of desperation. And this is pretty desperate because with the exception of one, none of these quarterbacks are owned in more the 18% of fantasy leagues. So let's see how desperate you are this early in the season.

Buffalo? Did anyone really draft or pick up a Buffalo quarterback? Trent Edwards had one TD and two interceptions in two games. The six percent who owned him must be breathing a sigh of relief. There is no reason to believe his replacement Ryan Fitzpatrick will fare any better in the near future.

The Panthers quarterback shuffle is a prime example of peripheral damage. The lack of production on the passing game is hurting the dynamic running duo. Matt Moore's two TD and four interceptions has made it easier for defenses to concentrate on the real fantasy gems of the team. Moore is now being replaced by the rookie Jimmy Clausen. If Clausen can get a passing threat going owners of Stewart and Williams may be able to recover from all ancillary damage.

There are eighteen percent of you who owned Jason Campbell, riding that wave of Black Hole optimism? In two games Campbell amassed 267 yards passing with one TD and two interceptions. Campbell is now being replaced by Bruce Gradkowski who is owned by five percent in fantasy leagues. In the second half Gradkowski had 162 yards passing with one TD and one interception. And while I am slow to fall back on last year's performance and statistics...we know Gradkowski has shown flashes of fantasy worthiness.

So just how desperate are you? You missed out on Vick, not sold on Romo? For a number two desperation pick up to cover for bye weeks and inevitable injury, stupidity and acts of defense, Clausen and Gradkowski ?