USA and China: More Than Just Another Rivalry

Zac AbramsCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008

In ancient times, the Olympics were created to bring the world together. I mean, obviously the Olympics are still about coming together, right?

In a perfect world, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing would be about coming together, but it has proven to be the opposite as the USA/China rivalry grows fiercer and fiercer.

Now that Michael Phelps has surpassed Mark Spitz's number of gold medals (Spitz had 10; Phelps now has 12), the focus of the American people has shifted to the idea of proving that we are better than China.

However, we may be fooling ourselves. After all, it was only Tuesday night when the USA Women’s' Gymnastics team lost the gold medal. It would seem that the gymnastics team got nervous and overeager to beat their host rivals, but it ultimately cost them.

However, USA Basketball looked pretty good as they defeated China 101-70 Sunday. The basketball team is currently tied with Spain for first place in the Group B Standings, while China is tied with Angola (who also lost to Team USA) for last place.

So far, China is beating the USA in Gold Medals; China has 17 while the USA has 10. However, if you look at the total medal count, the Americans are beating the Chinese by two medals overall (29-27 USA).

In the meantime, we can probably count on Michael Phelps to win the gold medal for the Men’s' 200m Individual Medley tonight. Also, for Team USA, Shawn Johnson of the women’s' gymnastics team looks to win the gold in the all-around final on August 14.