UVA Basketball: ESPN Needs Some New Interns

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UVA Basketball: ESPN Needs Some New Interns

So we all make mistakes.

I should know, I make enough grammatical problems to make any editor shake his head.

However, I do know that former senior co-captain Adrian Joseph graduated last year for the Cavaliers.

ESPN, apparently, does not.

Not only were the Virginia men's basketball team picked dead last by ESPN but they could not even get the roster straight!

I know that Virginia is not Duke or UNC but could we at least take enough time to know who is or is not on the team before we make a prediction of where the team will finish in the ACC?

Not a good moment for the "worldwide leader of sports".

Unfortunately, this is not the first nor the last moment of goofing.

What's your favorite ESPN blunder?

UVA Basketball

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