UFC: Chael Sonnen's Silence Speaks Volumes About Innocence

Tony PrestonCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2010

Chael Sonnen tested positive for having unusually high levels of testosterone to estrogen levels.

After accusing Lance Armstrong of using performance enhancing drugs and giving himself cancer as a result, I expected a quick response from Sonnen.

The only response has come from Sonnen's manager though; the response was simply that they would appeal the ruling.

It is also now being reported that Sonnen did not fill out the questionnaire for fighters before his pre-fight drug screening but did tell members of the California State Athletic Commission that he might test positive for testosterone.

The fact that Sonnen has been so quiet along with the other reports leads me to believe that he used performance enhancing drugs before his middleweight title fight with Anderson Silva and it was not any type of mistake such as taking a tainted supplement. 

If Sonnen was innocent, why would he not do as many people put in his position, including those that have later been found to be using performance enhancing drugs, and deny knowingly taking any performance enhancing drugs?

I hope we hear from Sonnen in the the near future and, with the overwhelming evidence against him, admit that he knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. 

The best case scenario is that he was prescribed the performance enhancing drugs by a doctor for an injury and not that he took them to try and gain an unfair advantage.