NFL Interest Ratings: Mike Vick and the Eagles #1, Even For New York Giants Fan

Collin BerglundCorrespondent IIISeptember 23, 2010

Bloggers, pundits and sportswriters in general have taken to making power rankings every week for NFL teams.  They mean nothing because they change after the next week of games.

So I decided to slightly amend this pointless endeavor to make it slightly more purposeful--put the teams into further meaningless tiers based on how interesting they are instead of how good they are.  So here goes...

The Most Interesting Team in the League:

Philadelphia Eagles--Because of one man and one man only: Mike Vick.  The Eagles were not expected to be very good this year and they still might not be, but Vick has been unbelievable.  How many times did a defender run up to Vick's blindside only to have him spin away at the very last second because he is superhuman?  A lot...there is no team in the league I would rather watch right now.

Perennially Awful Teams That Suddenly Aren't:

Houston Texans--OK, so it's not really sudden, it's been a slow building process for the Texans but they're finally getting there.  Mario Williams is looking like a great decision and Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster are looking like one of the best sets of skill position threesomes in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs--Completely unexpected and unlikely to continue, but Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles make up a solid running back combo.  Matt Cassel and the defense have looked average so far, but the Chargers and Browns played poorly in the Chiefs first two games, so their success will likely not continue.

Perennially Decent Teams That Suddenly Aren't:

Dallas Cowboys--I hate the Cowboys.  But further, they're actually terrible this year.  Romo hasn't looked good and they are starting to look significantly older.

Buffalo Bills--Nah, just kidding, they've been awful for a long time...pretty much forever actually.

Teams with One or More Interesting Storyline:

New York Jets--How can the Jets respond to enormous preseason hype?  So far, the Jets have been the Jekyll and Hyde of the season so far, but their response to the hype will be an interesting study for future self-indulging football coaches.  Also, LT is reviving his career somewhat quietly for a New York story.

New England Patriots--One interesting storyline, and one storyline only: Tom Brady's hair...

Baltimore Ravens--Can Joe Flacco be successful with his new toys?  So far the answer has been a resounding "No."

Cincinnati Bengals-- Terrell Owens + Chad Ochocinco = intrigue

Detroit Lions--Regardless of production, Calvin Johnson is fun to watch

My Teams: 

New York Giants--Really, every team in the league is interesting to someone.  In a season with only 16 games, even the worst teams remain interesting to their fans until the very end.  Even if the Giants get eliminated from playoff contention before Week 10, I will continue to watch those games because I have to enjoy each and every time I get to watch 60 minutes of Giants football.

Teams That Really Aren't Interesting To Me:

Every other team.

So there are a lot of teams that just are not that interesting this year, performing right around expectations.  But don't judge too much after two weeks.  Remember, the Giants were the best team in football right up until about Week 6 last year.  Things change, and when they do, so will my power rankings.