Top Ten Nicknames in College Football of Teams You Don't Know

Derek MahaffeyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008

In no particular order:

Texas College Steers: It's better than the other way they could have gone with this.

Whittier Poets: Yes, because a poet is the most menacing thing they could think of.  Of course, the pen is mightier then the sword.

Illinois College Blue Boys: Trust me, you do not want to know why they are this way.

Central Dutch: Their receivers can't catch a thing, because their fingers are always in the di...levees. 

Thiel Tomcats:Who doesn't want to be named after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Gettysburg Bullets: Having a nickname named after the item that killed people in the single deadliest battle in the Civil War is always a classy move.

Salisbury Sea Gulls: A sea gull, seriously?  But, then again, they are known to defecate on their opponents during the game.

Heidelberg Student Princes: They must have to win every game, because every player sends his army of 500 to fight for him instead.

Allegheny Gators: Yes, I know they share this with U. of Florida, but it might make more sense if they weren't based in western Pennsylvania.

Tufts Jumbos: At Tufts, Jumbo is an elephant.  So they have an awesome line, but the specialty positions are pretty slow, though they never forget the plays.