2010 49ers Season Hangs in The Balance: Why Week 3 Victory Vs Chiefs Is a Must!

Jon K BrentContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

Guarantees a victory? Ah 0-2...this IS a must win!
Guarantees a victory? Ah 0-2...this IS a must win!Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I've read articles that say the 49ers vs Chiefs contest is not a must win for the 49ers. It's not a must win in you're seeking mediocrity and no playoffs. I don't think any 49er player all the way up to Mike Singletary believes this is not a must win. The fact is every game has become critical to NFL success and if you want the winning mojo on your side and the percentages bear this out. I will admit that percentages have their anomalies.

What I've found is that over the last 10 years if you start the NFL season 0-2 you have a 1 in 10 chance of making the playoffs. 10 measly percent!  Now don't go getting ants in your pants, the 2007 NY Giants went 0-2 and won the fricking Super Bowl and so did the 2003 Patriots! Dare I say the 2006 Chiefs went 0-2 on there way to 9-7 and the playoffs. So anomalies are there but only 7 teams that went 0-2 to start out of 69 since 2000 made the playoffs. So you tell me...is this a must win for any hope of a playoff caliber season? Duh! and Duh again! The fact is...the 49ers with all the preseason hype of winning their division have little chance of making the playoffs.

What I saw on Monday night was flashes of O and D greatness followed by a lack of mental toughness by young players who allowed the Saints defense show why they are Super Bowl champs. Now on Thursday the millionaire Niner TE guarantees a victory in KC. Are the 49er faithful going 'plop plop fizz fizz...oh what a relief it is?' Pass the Alka Seltzer over here. Talk about pressure, indigestion and anxiety! This is just what teams who haven't been there and are trying to salvage a year and know the consequences of going 0-2 and perhaps going 0-3 do. Foolishness! And don't get me started on Alex Smith. Oh he had good game and his post game presser was filled with confidence, but one game does not a solid QB make. How does he do on the road? Didn't he go 2-6 last year? Not what I call confidence building and he already got rocked at the loud Seahawk house this year. Do you think KC will be any quieter? Ah...no! Hold on Niner fans...this could be another very long year with arguably the best talent the team has had in years.