Five Reasons Why Mike Leach Is Just What the New Mexico Lobos Need

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2010

Five Reasons Why Mike Leach Is Just What the New Mexico Lobos Need

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    Reports out of Albuquerque, New Mexico today stated that head coach Mike Locksley was going to be fired after the New Mexico game this week and that the program would subsequently hire former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach as his replacement.

    Though this rumor has been stopped by Leach's attorney, I figured it would be nice to speculate on if this move does happen to regain steam and go through. What would this mean for the college football landscape?

    Most likely not much, but it could have implications later in the year.

    Hope you enjoy!

Mike Leach Is a Solid Head Coach

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    No matter what way you put it, Leach was a great head coach—on the field, that is.

    Leach brings his wacky, wild, and out-of-the-box coaching ideas, and somehow defenses still can't stop them.

    Texas Tech's offenses were consistently at the top of the Big 12 every season and were a dominant force, averaging over 500 yards of total offense a game. Leach also had an 84-38 W-L record while at Tech. Which isn't bad considering it's a school that didn't have a vast amount of football pedigree before he arrived.

    Let's face it, Mike can coach.

The Publicity for New Mexico Would Be Off the Charts

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    Let's face it—New Mexico just doesn't scream media stalwart...

    However, with the addition of Leach as the head coach, this team would face so much national attention it wouldn't know what to do with itself.

    Attention like this can only help the university, and I'm sure Paul Krebs, New Mexico's athletic director, wouldn't turn down the extra attention either.

Recruiting Would Skyrocket Just by Leach Being Who He Is

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    The name Mike Leach automatically brings to mind ideas of passing yards and touchdowns and a high-powered offense.

    Tell me, what recruit wouldn't want to play for that?

    Leach, just based on name value alone, attracts much more interest from recruits to come to New Mexico. A university that struggles with recruiting like the Lobos would gladly welcome a proven recruiter who would bring in vast amounts of talent that usually would never come to Albuquerque.

Player Morale Go Up for the Players and The Program

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    Graham Harrell, Wes Welker, Joel Filani, Michael Crabtree, and many others: What do they all have in common?

    The players listed above were either drafted or signed to NFL practice squads while Leach was at Texas Tech.

    This would be a huge boost to a program that hasn't had anything to be excited about, really, ever in the football program.

    A renewed hope for this program would send morale to new heights. A great football team starts with the basics, and being happy is certainly a great place to begin.

New Mexico Football Needs a New Start

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    Leach provides this team a fresh start, one that has hope and aspirations for something above mediocrity at best.

    Mike Locksley has been received terribly by the Lobo Nation, as he has had verbal disputes with coaches, had sexual harassment allegations pressed against him, and has often been caught yelling at student reporters.

    Why would the Lobos endure a coach that doesn't value his job and hasn't proven he wants to be there?

    Leach would be a new hope for a university that is up-and-coming with its basketball program behind former Iowa coach Steve Alford.

    This is a solid match... If only it would come through.