WWE Breaking News: Christian Out For Several Months With Pectoral Tear

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

Hey everyone, Harrison here, with a breaking news post for you. Ever since his draft to Smackdown back in April, Christian's never had much significance. Just when you think Christian might FINALLY get some time to shine with newcomer Alberto Del Rio, his luck lets him down again.

According to a report from www.pwinsider.com:

PWInsider.com is reporting that SmackDown superstar Christian suffered a torn pectoral muscle and is expected to be out six months following surgery that he underwent this week. WWE will write Christian out of the TV storylines this week on SmackDown during an angle with Alberto Del Rio backstage

Real tough break for the Smackdown crew, as Alberto Del Rio, I'm sure, would have gotten a great rub from the experienced Christian. I, personally, liked the direction in which their feud was going. Will Christian ever get that major push so many in the IWC have been hoping for? What does Del Rio do now?

Let me know what you think of this situation and what do you think will happen next for Christian, and for Del Rio? Let's hope for Christian, it doesn't end in the same way Edge did when he came back from Achilles Tendon injury, being unable to work at the same level.

Anyway, I've been Andre Harrison, and that was your Super Fast Analysis. Thanks for reading, and Sayonara.