Kevin Kolb: The Philadelphia Eagles QB's Top Five Suitors

Game DayDogContributor IISeptember 23, 2010

Kevin Kolb: The Philadelphia Eagles QB's Top Five Suitors

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    Kevin Kolb realizes you don't get injured on the bench.Nick Laham/Getty Images

    Since Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid decided that Michael Vick would be their starter, Kevin Kolb's future has been in doubt.

    Most teams are in love with Kolb after being the only quarterback to pass for more than 300 yards in his first two starts. After suffering a concussion in Week 1 that opened the window for Vick, there are at least five NFL teams where he could immediately be a starting quarterback again.

Kevin Kolb Joins the Titans and Practices Executing Running Plays

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    The Tennessee Titans desperately want a pocket passer. Vince Young took a beating in Pittsburgh and only pulled the ball down twice for 12 yards.

    That's what happens when the coaches are constantly reminding you to stand tall in the pocket, focus on making your reads and progressions.

    When he was pulled, coach Jeff Fisher quickly reminded everyone—especially Young himself—that Young was going to start the next week. They didn't want him to disappear like Dave Chapelle or fight everyone that dared hold the Longhorns upside down.

    In this case, it's mental leadership and stability that Kolb brings to the Titans. Unfortunately, I don't believe that the Titans have the receivers to make Kolb look good statistically.

Jim Kelly Will Not Come Out of Retirement, Buffalo Bills Need To Call Kolb

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    Rick Stewart/Getty Images

    Once again the quarterback carousel continues in Buffalo. A few years ago it was J.P. Losman vs. Trent Edwards, now it's Edwards vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

    This position has been in disarray and they are screaming for a true leader at quarterback. As the new head coach, Chan Gailey isn't loyal to either QB, and it's obvious neither provides the best chance of winning when compared to Kolb. Combined with C.J. Spiller and Lee Evans, Kolb's addition could get the Bills to stop asking Jim Kelly to come out of retirement.

Kolb Could Single-Handedly Save the Jacksonville Jaguars Franchise

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    Garrard points to where the team will be relocating if he continues to start.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

    Small market, constant blackouts, didn't draft a hometown hero.

    That can all be forgotten if Kevin Kolb dons the teal in North Florida.

    The Jaguars have fast, young weapons in place at the receiver positions and are anchored at running back by Maurice Jones-Drew. The weak link has been the wildly inconsistent quarterback—David Garrard.

    To be fair, his offensive line hasn't been the best in recent years, but he's underperformed since getting a large contract for reaching the playoffs by throwing slant passes to Matt Jones.

    Kolb could help the Jaguars establish offensive balance, create some much-needed ticket sales, and cool off Jack Del Rio's hot seat. Is it possible a few wins could help Kolb fill the Tim Tebow void within the hearts of Jaguars fans?

Michael Vick Sends Kevin Kolb to the Cleveland Browns' Dog Pound

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    Inspire hope for the future - Get Kevin Kolb!Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

    Jake Delhomme, the prized free-agent QB, isn't the long term solution, and Seneca Wallace has never performed well enough to establish himself as a starter in the league.

    The Browns have a dominating running game with the Triple-H duo of Jerome Harrison, Peyton Hillis, and Montario Hardesty. That's important for a division containing the Bengals, Ravens, and Steelers.

    Joshua Cribbs is a dangerous special teams player and emerging receiver. They have enough young offensive pieces in place to be dangerous immediately in a division that usually up for grabs. Kolb and the Cleveland Browns need each other like two pieces of velcro.

Kolb Could Really Heat Things Up with the Arizona Cardinals

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    Derek Anderson confessing - "I'm not Kurt Warner!!"Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    One team that's only a couple years removed from the Super Bowl and still has many of its pieces in place is the Arizona Cardinals.

    After parting ways with Matt Leinart, they handed the keys to an inconsistent Derek Anderson. Watching Anderson play reminds me of my golf game—the ball went far, but I missed the green by 10 yards.

    Derek Anderson isn't the current or future solution for this franchise, and Max Hall isn't ready for a team that's still built to win now. Surrounded by talent, Kolb would merely have to manage this team into the playoffs.