Adam Morrison's Chance

Jess Matthew BeltranCorrespondent IISeptember 23, 2010

Adam with his unwavering emotions
Adam with his unwavering emotionsElsa/Getty Images

Adam Morrison remembers the day when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes while he was still 13 years old while a nurse was trying to give him his insulin shots; he stopped her and told her that if I’m going to do this for the rest of my life might as well teach me how to do it…

Adam is known for his 70’s haircut with a wispy mustache who is a deadly shooter from the outside but he is also known for his unwavering emotion on the court after losing to UCLA when he broke down in tears and collapsed in the court. After being drafted in the NBA as the third overall pick by the Charlotte Bobcats, Adam failed to live up to expectations after shooting only 37 percent and playing poorly in defense. He also got an ACL injury which he missed the whole 2007-08 NBA season. He was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and got two championship rings while playing only scrap minutes coming from the bench.
Now Adam is looking for a team who would give him a chance. A new lease in life and a chance to prove that he still can contribute and help win games like he used to, way back on his Gonzaga days.
The Washington Wizards gave Adam an opportunity inviting him to training camp on a make or break contract. He will have to battle it out with the Wizards roster spot against Sean Marks and Cartier Martin the two closest competitions Adam will go through. Adam is confident he will get that spot. It has been two years since he last played a full NBA game but his experience on the Lakers during practices and all the lessons he have learned throughout his career is already a great advantage.
He has been through a slump for the past 4 years on his career and he knows there isn’t any easy way but to go through the whole ordeal. Shooters don’t give up they always go down shooting.

As Adam Morrison goes through the training camp he remembers the day the nurse gave him insulin shot and felt enlightened.

After what he has gone through he knows he is in the right path because he have been taught well on the subject called life.