Michael Vick: Another "Baller" Held High Above the Law

Bernie VincentCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2007

IconIt seems to be a routine—ball players living life like rock stars.

The Michael Vick story is just another embarrassing mark on the world of professional athletes. But aren't we use to it? I mean, it is just as common for Sportscenter to report which athlete has conspired to murder his ex-wife as it is to report the score of the game.

However, we will forgive—we always do.

Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Ricky Williams, Michael Ervin...the list goes on and on. As long as a player can stuff the run or blaze by punt coverage, the fans will forgive.

Can you imagine if this were true with other occupations? "Did you hear? John Nobody raped a young woman at a club. But it's OK because man he can manage the books!"

Only in the world of sports is a man above the law and treated as a god. Well, as long as he throws for 36 touchdowns.

Is it right? I'd like to ask all those holding signs of support for Vick on Monday night, what if it was your family pet "Freckles" that was mauled to death? 

It will not matter, when Vick gets out he will try to come back. But by then the Falcons will have drafted and developed a young QB to take his place. Vick will realize what some of us already knew—that his job on the field is ultimately to lead his team by making plays with his arm and making good decisions. This latest episode clears up any doubt about Vick's ability to make good decisions.