Ricky Hatton: 10 Ways the Drugged-Up Boxer Can Get His License Back

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2010

Ricky Hatton: 10 Ways the Drugged-Up Boxer Can Get His License Back

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    Ricky Hatton, the former World Light Welterweight Champion, was stripped of his boxing license Thursday by the British Boxing Board of Control.

    The 31-year-old former champ was also fined $31,000 at the board hearing.

    Hatton's fans were some of the most boisterous and passionate in all of boxing when he was on top, usually chanting his name and substituting it into the lyrics of the song Winter Wonderland.

    But just like no puncher ever feels they are out of a fight, no boxer ever feels like his career is over.

    Here are some ways Hatton could make a comeback.

10. Get Back in Shape

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    By the looks of him in these recent pictures, he is in no way a light welterweight right now.

    In their statement about why he was being suspended, the British Boxing Board of Control said: "Ricky Hatton is not an active boxer and his current physical condition is such that the board decided to withdraw his boxer's license."

    Ouch. So, showing that he wants to box again by getting in shape will help.

9. Forget About The Pacquiao Fight

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    One British paper reported that Hatton, understandably, takes his losses really hard. After one loss, he was quoted as saying: "I couldn't show my face for months and months on end."

    He's got to focus on the future and not worry about those past defeats.

8. Don't Protest The Fine Or Suspension

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    He has already released statements saying that he is sorry and knows of his problems. His true fans will stay with him. So, he should take the punishment, move on, and focus on proving that he can change.

7. Make Sure He Wants to Fight

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    After the Pacquiao fight, he said that he had a "sneaky feeling" that he would fight again, even though people were telling him that he should retire.

    If he is getting back in the ring for the wrong reasons, the comeback will never stick and he'll fall back on bad habits.

    And the Board will not reinstate him.

6. Get Help With His Depression

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    Hatton has said that it was problems in his personal life, as well as the boxing, that triggered his depression and that he was getting help with it.

    He also says that coping with retirement has been hard. So again, figuring out if he needs to be boxing again is a key question.

5. Figure Out If He Is Addicted to Drugs

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    Though he admits to using drugs at times, he told one UK reporter that he isn't sure when he started using cocaine or if that is the only drug he used.

    "I've been in such a low place, such a bad place, I couldn't tell you. Half the time, I could not tell you if it was cocaine."

    That's not good. But, hopefully, he will be able to get the help he needs in the rehab clinic that he is said to be in.

4. Deal With His Drinking Problem

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    The one thing that he has definitely been diagnosed by a specialist of having is a drinking problem.

    Again, he is not the first to deal with depression by drinking, but because he has to prove himself in order to make a comeback—if he chooses to—he will have to show progress in his rehabilitation.

3. Deal With His Family Life

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    Hatton told a UK reporter in an interview that he is stressed by the situation that he has with the mother of his son.

    "I have a wonderful son, nine years old, and me and his mam, at times, have not seen eye to eye."

    Hatton said that, at times, he was only able to see the little boy once a week.

    He also said that he is having problems with his own parents.

    All that added stress will make any comeback that much harder.

2. Lean On His Friends and Family For Support

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    From all of his recent interviews, it seems like Hatton has been in some dark places and has been suffering.

    It's always easier when you are on top, but now that he's suffering some tribulations, he will find out who his friends are.

    He is going to need them.

1. Clear Up Any Legal Issues

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    Drugs like cocaine are still illegal.

    And according to the London Evening Standard, after Hatton is done with his rehab stint, he is said to be going into an interview with the police.

    Before he can deal with any attempted or possible comebacks, he has to make sure that there won't be any legal consequences for his actions.

    I wish him well.

    He's always been an exciting and all-in type of fighter. Now he has to be like that with his rehab.