Bowyer May Have Lost The Points, But NASCAR Lost My Respect

George RobbenCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

Clint Bowyer after winning the Sylvania 300
Clint Bowyer after winning the Sylvania 300Jerry Markland/Getty Images

If anyone has any sort of book around them, grab 15 sheets of paper and put them together. Yep, that is the tiny amount that cost Clint Bowyer any chance of earning his first championship this year. The exact measurement, as told by Richard Childress Racing is 60 thousandths of an inch.

Every NASCAR team out there pushes the limits, and walks a real thin line in keeping the numbers within tolerance. I would, assume like many others, that Richard Childress of all people would make sure that the car was good to go heading into Loudon. Richard Childress has over 4o years of experience in NASCAR and knows the ins and the outs.

This leads me to believe that when he says that the car being outside of the tolerance had something to do with tow truck the pushed him back might have easily caused this. Remember it is only 60 thousandths of an inch. Another suggested reasoning was people bumping the back of Bowyer in congratulations on a big win. Between both of those possible causes there is definitely reasoning to understand how the car was not out of tolerance at the start of the race.

Even saying all this, I know there will be the people out there who aren't going to buy any of the reasoning for the 33 car falling out of tolerance. There will be be people that say Richard Childress Racing went into the race out of tolerance and now they are making excuses. Nevertheless NASCAR has to look at every possible explanation before crushing the dreams of Clint Bowyer, his crew, and the many others who are connected with RCR racing.

This is not the first violation of this kind, and when others with almost identical infractions have only been slapped on the wrist. I can't attribute this to some grudge NASCAR has against Clint Bowyer and or RCR. Perhaps though there is a bias of Hendrick Motorsports, who has broken rules exactly like this and nothing more but very minimal punishment has been done. That punishment I guarantee didn't ruin a driver's championship either.

Clint Bowyer is not a big name like Jimmie Johnson or Dale Earnhardt Jr., maybe that has something to do with the severe penalty? Do you think if one of those big names were all but knocked out of the chase it would jeopardize them losing out on tons of money, and thus convince NASCAR to lessen the extent penalty?.  .

I may be just complaining, but I feel it is more than justified in this case. Bowyer shows up Sundays to race with a modest,classy demeanor, and works hard for every point he has earned. He doesn't race for the accolades, attention, or approval of any critic. This may be why he was any target for NASCAR to make a political or basically a divine overseer statement.

People would be in more of an uproar if this was one of the "big names" aforementioned, but I for one will not put up with NASCAR having an area of grey, in which they claim is black and white. NASCAR had a chance to make a precedent in 2004 when Hendrick Motorsports had the same violations, but they took the cowardly route. NASCAR can't penalize one team very severely, and let the other team off the hook for the same offense. Moves like this make me and a lot of others out there lose our respect for the people who run the sport.