Adjusted NHL Points Race (Minus Second Assists)

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IDecember 4, 2007

Here’s some links I’ve found that discuss the topic of second assists more:

Jamie Fitzpatrick discusses the give-and-go and line change scenarios that make the 2nd assist weak.

Interesting article from the Denver Post. Apparently Chris Snow, Wild director of hockey operations, has started to individually track first assists and second assists.

You haven’t heard the last from me on this one. I’ll try to periodically track the NHL scoring race and show the adjusted leaders minus their second assists.


Thought it’d be interesting to see what the points race would look like if you subtracted out 2nd assists (through today’s games). I just took the top five in points and subtracted out of their 2nd assists:

Kovalchuk 34 adj pts
Lecavalier 31 adj pts
Crosby 31 adj pts
Zetterberg 28 adj pts
Iginla 27 adj pts

With 2nd assists included however,

Lecavalier 42 pts
Kovalchuk 37 pts
Zetterberg 37 pts
Crosby 37 pts
Iginla 36 pts

Pretty much what I expected - obviously it’s going to hurt the playmakers in some way and favor the goal scorers. I just wanted to see who had the most primary assists among these players and if there was anyone who had a disproportionate number of secondary assists.

Kovalchuk is the leading goal scorer (and only has 3 second assists), so he leads in that adjusted format. Lecavalier has 11 second assists of his 24 assists, while Crosby only has 6 second assists of his 23 assists. Zetterberg has 9 second assists of 19 assists. Of the players listed, Henrik had the only second assist on an empty net goal! I was expecting a few more of those than just that one for all these players. Finally, Iginla has 9 second assists of his 21 assists.

Note: Daniel Alfredsson left off due to time constraints (He currently has 37 points).