WWE Night Of Champions 2010, Results/Review

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

This years edition of Night Of Champions looked a little bit thrown together, especially considering the fact that on a pay per view where every title is supposed to be defended, there was no clear challenger for the Tag Team Title’s until the last minute, and there was a match that was not for any Title at all.  But despite not looking all that good on paper, it really wasn’t a half bad night of action.  It’s still hard to believe that they are having yet another pay per view ( Hell In A Cell)  just 2 weeks after this one wraps up though.

Kofi Kingston  vs  Dolph Ziggler.

     I am a big fan of Ziggler, as I believe he has most of the qualities needed to be a main eventer.  And what he lacks (strong mic skills) has been made up for with his “relationship” with Vickie Guerrero.  Kofi is also a great talent, and as we saw in his match with Jack Swagger prior to this pay per view, he has the ability to hang with just about anyone.  The only issue I had with this match, was that they had dragged out the angle of Kofi getting screwed over by stipulations just a little too long.  But regardless, with the terms being that Ziggler would lose his Title if counted out or DQ’ed, we were almost guaranteed a clean victory one way or the other.  The match itself was just as good as all of their previous meetings, and was a very strong way to start off the show.  But in the end, with a distraction from Vickie, Dolph was able to hit the Zig Zag, and finally score the 3 count over Kofi.  Hopefully this helps get that monkey of Zigglers back of being a weak Champion……Winner and still Intercontinental Champion…..Dolph Ziggler.

C.M. Punk  vs  The Big Show.

     I have heard the arguments back and forth about why this match should, or shouldn’t be on the card.  Yes, it doe’s seem wrong to be having a match at Night Of Champions, that isn’t for a Championship.  But it is also true that both of these men are former World Champions, and nowhere does it say that ONLY Championship matches must happen.  Just that they will all be defended, which they were.  Having said that, my opinion is, that they had this match for two reasons. 1) to finally put an end to this feud.  2) they needed something to help fill up time.  As I understand it, this pay per view ended early as it is,  could you imagine how early it would have ended without this match?  Either way, there really wasn’t a whole lot to say about the match itself.  It was nowhere near pay per view quality, and could have just as easily been done on Smackdown.  Of course since they were in Punks home town of Chicago, he did get plenty of cheap heat by insulting the crowd before the match.  Either way Punk did his best against The Big Show, but fell victim to the knockout punch….Winner….The Big Show.

Daniel Bryan  vs  The Miz.

     Now this was a match I was really looking forward too.  After hearing so many good things about Bryan, and seeing glimpses of his talent over the last few weeks, I was anxious to see him finally get to do his thing .  That, and I was very much hoping to see The Miz finally lose his United States Championship.  Since winning Money In The Bank, that Championship has rarely been defended.  And as far as I’m concerned, The Miz is very over rated, with only his ability to cut a promo being his saving grace.  That being said, I have to admit that this was a very good showing by both men.  Daniel Bryan does indeed live up to the hype.  His mix of striking, and submission holds, along with some unique offence makes him one of those people to watch in the future.  And for his part, The Miz did a good job of drawing heat throughout the match.  But despite targeting the arm of Bryan, in an effort to take away his most potent weapon, he still found himself tapping out to the LaBell lock.  Winner,…. and new United States Champion…Daniel Bryan.

Michelle McCool  vs  Melina.

     And now for the part of the show where  most people take a bathroom break.  Or at least thats what everybody says they do when a Diva’s match comes on.  I was looking forward to this, and dreading it at the same time.  From day one, I have never liked the Diva’s Title, and I was hoping for this unification match.  But once I saw that it was McCool who would be facing Melina, I just knew who would end up winning this one, and which Championship would be sticking around.  The match was rather good, as Melina is arguably one of the best female wrestlers in WWE, and McCool can do a decent job in the ring, but only if paired with somebody who can make her look good, which in this case, she was.  Add to this the “LumberJill” element of having the other Diva’s around the ring, which you just knew was going to end up in a brawl, and you had something that was at least entertaining to watch for a few minutes.  But in the end it was Michelle McCool sneaking the victory once again to win what is now being referred to as the Unified Diva’s Championship.   Ugh, the Barbie Belt lives on.  Winner…..Michelle McCool.

Kane  vs  The Undertaker.

     I am sure that Im not alone in thinking that picking Kane as the person who “attacked” The Undertaker, thus putting them in another feud with each other was just boring and predictable.  But as a friend of mine pointed out, this could probably be Kane’s last chance at a Title run, and with the Smackdown roster being pretty thin, this would be the best way to put him over as Champion.   He has a point.  Seeing Kane destroy Rey Mysterio really wasn’t all that entertaining.  So what we have here is a “weakened” Undertaker, seeking revenge against his brother for attacking him months ago.  Being a No Holds Barred match was a good idea as it plays to both mens strengths, and that is pure brawling.  And they certainly did plenty of that.  Taker and Kane gave each other everything they had, with Kane seemingly having the upper hand throughout most of the match.  But in the end, just as it looked as though The Undertaker was about to finish his brother off, Kane reversed a Tombstone Piledriver attempt, and scored with his own to finally get a clean victory over The Phenom.   Winner…..And still Heavyweight Champion…Kane.

Tag Team Turmoil.  Hart Dynasty vs The Uso’s, vs Santino and Koslov, vs Evan Borne and Mark Henry, vs Drew McIntyre and CodyRhodes.

     This is a good example of how poorly booked this part of the night was, when you didn’t even have a number one contender to your Tag Team Title, so you throw together two teams, along with one credible one, and a comedy act to vie for the Championships.  Then, you have the actuall Tag Team Champions as one of the first two teams to compete, thus giving away the fact that you will have new Champions, because lets face it, even though two of the teams are a joke, nobody is going to beat four teams in a row to retain.  This point was driven home immediately since The Uso’s defeated The Hart Dynasty in the opening match, thus eliminating them.  The Uso brothers were also able to defeat Santino and Koslov next, but were taken down by Evan Borne and Mark Henry.  This left Bourne and Henry to square off against McIntyre and Rhodes.  I really don’t think at this point that there was any doubt who was walking out as the new Tag Team Champions.  after a short but hard fought battle, Evan Borne was hit with Cody’s, Cross Rhodes, and its over.  Winners, and new WWE Tag Team Champions… Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes.

6 pack challenge.  Chris Jericho, vs Edge, vs John Cena, vs Randy Orton, vs Wade Barrett, vs Sheamus.

     Is anybody else out there getting tired of multiple person, gimmick main events?  After seeing The Undertaker and Kane have a very good Title match, I don’t think it’s neccissary to have every single top star in the main event to draw ratings.  But, it is what it is, and this was a typical free for all.  The most surprising thing about it, was Chris Jericho’s elimination.  Not so much that he got eliminated, or even that he was the first to go.  It was how fast it happened.(a Randy Orton RKO and pin)  And once it did, the entire match stopped, while a very stunned looking Jericho slowly made his way to the back, with all the other competitors watching.  Once he was gone, the match resumed.  What followed was your typical multi person brawl, with people in and out of action as they got tossed around and injured.  The eliminations were as follows.  Edge, eliminated by Cena after an A.A.   Nexus comes out to distract Cena, who gets hit by Barretts Wasteland, and is eliminated.  Wade Barrett then gets eliminated following and RKO.  So, it comes down to the Champion Sheamus, one on one with Randy Orton.  And what must come as a shock to absolutely nobody, The Viper strikes with another RKO, and pins Sheamus.  Your winner, and new WWE Champion…..Randy Orton.

     Despite the obvious booking, and thrown together matches, the pay per view itself was actually rather entertaining.  I would have to give it a B-   But I really think they need to cut at least one pay per view out of their yearly schedule.  Having Hell In A Cell a mere two weeks after this one just leaves no room for build up, and it just can not be good for buy rates.  Who seriously wants to pay for two pay per views, only two weeks apart?