"Really?": My Rant on NXT Season 3

Chris SabatinoContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

Hey Bleachers, this is my rant on NXT Season 3, so if you are an avid fan of season 3 just stop reading now.  

So I just got done watching the latest episode on my dvr (I work early so like an old person I go to bed early) and all I can say is thank God that I didn’t waste my life watching that live. Now I am a dedicated WWE fan and I watch Raw every week and dvr Smackdown! whenever I can't watch it on Fridays.

When the WWE came out with NXT I decided to give it a shot. With HOF pros like Chris Jericho, CMPunk, Christian, William Regal and solid performers Miz, R-Truth, and Matt Hardy, NXT seemed promising. They introduced us to fresh new “rookies” and further pushed the WWE’s “youth movement”. 

I enjoyed season 1 and the nexus storyline that followed. Next up, season 2.  The pros of season 2 weren't as accomplished as those of season 1, but there were still good workers in the bunch, the Miz was back, Morrison, MVP, Mark Henry, Kofi, and Cody Rhodes.  For a curve ball , creative threw in Lay-Cool as Kavals pro, which I didn't mind because everyone knew from the jump that he was gonna win anyways. Season 2 turned out to be decent programming and was for the most part enjoyable.

Then here comes season 3. Ill admit that I was intrigued to see an all divas edition of NXT, it was a nice breath of fresh air to a stale divas division.  So let the real ranting begin. First the pros, I understand the need to have male pros on the show to have some mixed tag matches to break up the all divas action. But Primo and Goldust, Really? Were Calyen Croft and Chris Masters too busy? I know Goldust is a good worker and needs more screen time, but this is just a burial. He should have been a pro on season 2 and waste of talent Zac Ryder should have been on season 3. The bella twins?  Two pros for one rookie? Yea not really buyin it.  And then there is Vicki. I know she is a super heel and can draw a ton of heat anytime anywhere, but what kind of pro is she? WWE wants me to buy into the whole “pro” /“rookie” aspect of the show and they throw her in there. 



Rookie challenges. In the first 2 seasons the rookie challenges were enjoyable, entertaining and they helped us see the athletic ability and style of the rookies. From “rockem sockem rookies” , the obstacle course, keg carry, and talk the talk challenge,they helped us see a little bit deeper into the rookies.  

With season 3 they start us out with a capture the flag challenge. Ok, athleticism. Divas dance contest. Ok, Divas have dance offs from time to time on Raw or Smackdown! and it can be entertaining and a nice change of pace. They bring back the obstacle course, I like it.

Now here comes the trash. They have a “joke off”. Really? A “Joke off”? what does telling a joke have anything at all to do with the WWE. No one cares about lame PG jokes, now the Rock telling an awesome joke back in the attitude era, sign me up. Jamie telling a knock-knock joke, pass.

Then we have a “musical chair challenge”. Really? Musical chairs? Are these girls in the 2nd grade? Are 2nd graders (who might find that entertaining) watching NXT at 10pm on a schoolnight?  Lame. Creative cant do better than that? Whats next? A “4square challenge”, maybe a little “simon sez”, some “red-light/green-light”. Ooo I know! A “red rover” challenge between the rookies and pros! Garbage.

 Then they have a talk the talk challenge. Ok, these can show how creative these girls can be and how well they can cut a promo. But wait. Doesn’t the WWE have writers. Don’t they rather their superstars cut scripted promos. If they didn’t, what are the writers there for?  

But we wanna see how good these girls can do off the cuff. Ok. But what does it do for production value when half the divas cant even talk about the word they are given. Two were disqualified for going off topic and it should have been three. Naiomi looked like a deer in headlights, she had no idea what was going on. It was borderline painful to watch. At least give the girls a little heads up on what their word is before the segment.  “Oh no”, one might say, “that would take away from the credibility of the segment!” To that I say, shut up… least we forget that the outcomes in wrestling are scripted!

At least it wasn’t all horrible, with CM Punk on the mic and the return of the oh so heel-o-rific Michael Cole. So season 3 has gone from ok, to bad, to garbage… has creative just given up on NXT now that Smackdown! is going to SyFy and it has no new home? Oh well… it was fun while it lasted.