NXT Season 3 What Does It Need? More Punk, Less Guerrero!

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 22, 2010

Punk can barely contain himself
Punk can barely contain himself

The episode of NXT season 3 that aired on Sept. 21 might have been the best one of the season yet.

The formula MC+CM+JM = Good things. Michael Cole returned, we got the addition of CM Punk and the added value of Josh Matthews made the show bearable to watch.

For those out there that state that Diva’s matches are bathroom breaks, this show just proves that the female wrestlers of the WWE have some issues (Not that the current Knockout group, all 4 of them, are any better over in TNA).

Since season 3 has started we’ve had terrible mic work, a pin attempt after the bell was rang, another supposed firing, a quitting, and a whole lot of garbage and a Diva who didn’t know what a llama or a camel were.

So yes a bathroom break for an hour wouldn’t be so bad during NXT season 3.

The Tuesday episode of musical chairs, and mic work just buried the show further but then the savior arrived, CM Punk, walking to the announce table wearing a nasty old sports coat that looked like he picked up at a thrift store and his ring attire.

Josh asked him what he was doing there and showed him he had an 8x10 glossy for who ever was filling in. Punk said ‘aww thanks’ then ripped it in half and threw it behind him.

Michael Cole returned to state while he knows the show is bad, its even worse without him. Punk’s great line: “I’m watching NXT season 3 like I usually do, without any pants on.”

Josh Matthews played the role of an early morning radio DJ. That cheesy, over the top dramatic goofiness, a complete 180 from his role previously where he was there to belittle Cole for backing the heels of the show.

CM Punk was the perfect addition to Michael Cole antics on Tuesday nights. His comments on Vickie’s pants, thinking that Jamie was Kaval, and his over the top “OH my GOD this is just the BEST thing on television!” kept us all in stitches.

Another highlight, when he pulled Cole in to hug him because a handshake just wasn’t enough for him to thank Cole for returning.

Matthews suddenly became Lord Alfred Hayes, bumbling and shocked that Cole and Punk could insult the lovely Divas and hard work they were doing.

Outside of all the items listed above there is one portion of the show that absolutely needs to be stopped, Vickie Guerrero.

Normally I have taken the stand point of “well that’s just their character” when friends and family members would say something like they just couldn’t stand JBL, I would retort with “Well your not supposed to, he’s trying to be the jerk and have you hate him.”

A jerk on TV like The Miz, or at times Jericho and now more so Michael Cole have the job to get the crowd to boo, because a greater villain makes for a greater hero. But in the case of Vickie Guerrero she serves no purpose other than to annoy, her actions do not help push any face superstar that will eventually triumph over her.

Before I begin my tirade on her let me just say I was a huge Eddie fan, and when she first came to TV I understood because I said maybe she needs the money to help support her family and I gave her credit for in the face of death and mourning, she went to work and did what she had to do.

Vickie’s ‘excuse me!’ shouts, her outfits, her constant attempts of coming across as attractive and the outfits she wears gets worse with every appearance.

She calls herself a cougar, the only member of the feline family I would compare her too is Garfield: she’s fat, unfunny, and annoying.

I said recently in another article that Chris Jericho is the new show stopper, comparing him to the great HBK, but maybe it’s Vickie who should garner that label as no one sucks all the fun and watch-ability of the show faster than her.

Her finisher should be called ‘The Mouth’ because once she opens hers, we know its over.

Cole and Punk blatantly sat there and just mocked the show for what it is, a ridiculous hour of television that has some cute girls to look at.

How can they salvage the show after this last episode? Maybe keep Punk there every week, so we can tune in and see what outrageous comments he’ll make and laugh along with these heel announcers.