USC Song Girls: A Pictorial Tribute

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2010

USC Song Girls: A Pictorial Tribute

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    The Song Girls first started rooting for the Trojans in 1967.  At first, they were just seven women, showing their love and school spirit for their football team.

    Since then, their numbers have grown while USC athletics has also seen a dramatic uptick in talent and performance.

    The football team has risen to prominence with national championships and the Song Girls have also gained notice. 

    Here is a pictorial tribute to the Song Girls of USC.


USC Song Girls: A Look Back At The 2000 Squad

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    This was the 2000 Song Girl squad.

    You're looking at a group of girls who cheered for the Trojans the season before Pete Carroll took over as head coach of the football team.

    A lot has changed for USC in 10 years. 

    Their football team is much better now, and their Song Girls also look hotter than ever.

USC Song Girls: 2010 Squad

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    This is the 2010 Song Girl team.

    Ten years later, they're looking like a good-looking and well-rounded group.

    Ready to dance and rally for a team that ranks among the AP's Top 25.

USC Song Girls: What's A Song Girl?

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    So you're probably wondering why we're not talking about USC cheerleaders.

    What exactly is a Song Girl?

    It's easy to get confused.  They're dressed like cheerleaders, they look like cheerleaders.

    But don't be fooled.

USC Song Girls: They Dance

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    Think of them as a dance group because these ladies do a lot of booty-shaking.

    According to their website, they learn as many as three dozen dance routines a season.

USC Song Girls: They Don't Lead Cheers

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    They show a lot of school pride with their moves and activity.

    But they don't lead cheers.

USC Song Girls: Where To Find Them?

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    You'll see them at the sidelines of all football games with their trademark white sweaters, with crimson and gold trim.

    And when they're not dancing.

    You'll find them raising their fingers in the air with a hand signal widely recognized by the entire student body.

    What does it mean?

USC Song Girls: V Is For Victory

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    It's a V.

    And V is for victory!

    Not an offering of peace.

USC Song Girls: Fireworks

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    They bring fireworks.

    And they also raise pom-poms.

    But you'll rarely see them pumping up the crowd with cheers.

USC Song Girls: Go Team!

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    Of course they are there to support their football team...

USC Song Girls: Dancing

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    With their dancing.

    And not their yelling.

USC Song Girls: Basketball Games

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    Don't forget, you can also find Song Girls at basketball games.

    For a look at these ladies indoors, take in a Trojan roundball game.

USC Song Girls: Volleyball Games

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    And if you're not a basketball or football fan.

    You can even see them on the sidelines of volleyball games.

USC Song Girls: It's About Football

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    But football is their thing.

    That's what the campus has been about since USC made a name for themselves as a college football powerhouse the past decade.

USC Song Girls: Alumni Network

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    What's a perk to being a USC Song Girl?

    The alumni network, of course.

    As an alumnus you can connect with these two ladies, as well as a large group of very successful and well-respected group of proud USC alumni.

USC Song Girls: They Swim

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    When they're not rooting for USC's football, basketball or volleyball teams...

    These ladies hang out poolside.

    After all, they go to school in sunny Southern California. 

USC Song Girls: They Shop

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    And like most girls, where do they go when they want to relax and have fun?


    Which hat do you like the best?

USC Song Girls: Lauren

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    Meet Lauren.

    She's a Dallas girl that's found a home in SoCal.

    And as you can see, she also looks pretty in pink.

USC Song Girl: Allison

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    Meet Allison, voted Cheerleader/Song Girl of the Week by in 2008.

    Her favorite foods?

    Philly cheesesteak, salmon and angel hair pasta.

    And her one guilty pleasure?

    A Wendy's chocolate Frosty.

    Cheesesteaks and a Frosty for this girl.  How many guys would want a dinner date like that?

USC Song Girl: Lindsey

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    Meet Lindsey.

    What a great smile.

    Originally from San Diego, she wants to pursue a modeling and acting career after USC.

USC Song Girl: Lindsey

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    That modeling thing could have some potential.

    She looks pretty hot in a bikini.

    Considering that this photo looks like a total paparazzi shot, she's already getting celebrity treatment on campus.

USC Song Girl: Lindsey

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    Here's a closer look of Lindsey.

    I told you she looks great in a bikini.

    And her blonde friend is also an eye-catcher.

USC Song Girl: Lindsey

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    And here's Lindsey out and about with the top down.

    No, no. 

    That's not what I mean.

USC Song Girls: Lindsey and Friend

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    Ok, just one more.

    Is there something going on with these two?

    They're inseperable.

USC Song Girl: Syndee

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    Meet Syndee.

    Supposedly she's LenDale White's favorite Song Girl, since there are photos of the two floating around in the Internet.

    Whether she's his fave or not, just like most Song Girls, she also looks great in a bikini.

USC Song Girl: Syndee

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    And she's down to have fun.

    Check out her use of boxing gloves—going for the knockout.

USC Song Girls: Keli

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    Meet Keli.

    She's a Song Girl that wants to have a career in sports.

    Great news for sports fans, her goal is to be broadcaster.

USC Song Girls: Keli

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    If that sportscasting career doesn't work out.

    Her flexibility can find her work somewhere else. 

    No doubt.

USC Song Girls: Blue Eyes

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    Meet Ms. Blue Eyes.

    Don't know much about her except that she looks good donning the sleeveless white Song Girl top.

USC Song Girls: Ms. Blue Eyes

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    And that she's quite the dancer.

    Go Trojans!

USC Song Girls: The Squad

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    Over the years, there's been hundreds of beautiful women that have become a part of USC's Song Girl squads

    So consider yourself fortunate that you had a chance to learn about some of them.

    Want to learn more?

USC Song Girls: The Ducks

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    Here's a random tidbit: the Song Girls endearingly refer to one another as ducks or duckies.


    No wonder they don't have any issues with getting wet. 

USC Song Girls: Swimsuit Edition

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    That must explain why they look so comfortable in their swimsuits.

    Check out these duckies, probably contemplating who should dive in the pool first.

USC Song Girls: Innertube

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    Wait, she's already in the water.

    This duckie likes to float around in her pond solo.

USC Song Girls

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    Alright, enough swimsuit photos.

    Check out the squad all bundled up for the cold weather.

    They still look great!

USC Song Girls: Ladies In Black

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    Ta-Da!  From white to black.

    For a more classy, elegant, yet definitely still sexy look.

USC Song Girls: In Gold

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    Then black to gold.

    These Song Girls look good in any color.

USC Song Girls: Plaid and Denim

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    Although, they definitely look their best in white, crimson and gold.

    Changing costumes from time-to-time does keep things more interesting.

    Plaid and denim work well too.

USC Song Girls

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    Are you a fan of the Song Girls yet?

    These girls work their buns off to learn their routines and show their school spirit.

USC Song Girls: The Sanctions

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    But the next two years are going to be tough for the entire USC community.

    USC athletics has been banned from competing in the Pac-10 title game and from the postseason.

    That means less games and less Song Girls.

    So I hope you took the time to appreciate the Song Girls in pictures because they won't be doing any dancing outside of the regular season.

USC Song Girls: There You Have It

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    And there you have it, a pictorial on the Song Girls.

    Hopefully you learned a thing or two about these women.

    Don't forget, they're not cheerleaders.