Michael Vick to Start for Eagles: Five Reasons This Was the Right Move

Jeremy Lookabaugh Correspondent ISeptember 22, 2010

Michael Vick to Start for Eagles: Five Reasons This Was the Right Move

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    Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid made the decision to start Michael Vick to start Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    "When someone is playing at the level Michael Vick is playing, you have to give him an opportunity," Reid said. "This isn't about Kevin Kolb's play. You're talking about Michael Vick as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now."

    Vick last Sunday made his first start since the 2006 season, when he was then playing for the Atlanta Falcons.

    After serving time for his "dog fighting" scandal, Vick is poised to show the world that he is a changed man, a better player on the field, and a better person off it.

    Here are five reasons why Andy Reid's decision to start Vick this Sunday is the right move.

5. Michael Vick's performance last week at Detroit

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    Getting his first start since the 2006 season, Michael Vick showed why he was considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

    Vick threw for 284 yards and two touchdowns at Detroit, resulting in a 35-32 victory for the Eagles.

    He made numerous plays on his feet, avoiding sacks, keeping plays alive, and completing passes downfield.

    The biggest stat for Vick is that he has zero interceptions. He also has a quarterback rating above 100 for consecutive games for only the second time of his career.

4. Injury to Kevin Kolb

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    The Eagles extended Kevin Kolb's contract after trading veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb.

    Kolb has missed the last six quarters because of a concussion, and Vick played well in his absence. Kolb was cleared to practice and was expected to run the first-team offense on Wednesday.

    "Kevin is fine," Reid said. "It is not about an injury-related issue. It's not about judging him. He's going to be a championship-caliber quarterback."

3. Vick has matured

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    After serving an 18-month prison sentence for his involvement in a "dog fighting ring," Michael Vick has matured and is a better football player.

    After speculation grew on whether Vick should start even if Kolb came back, Reid quickly ended the debate and said that Kolb would start.

    Vick told the media that Kolb was the Eagles' starting quarterback and had earned that right. He also said that he would do whatever he could to help the team win, whether that be at quarterback or at another position.

    Vick has showed that he has matured as a man. He has been out of the NFL for a long time, and he realizes it can happen again at any time.

    Vick is more of a team player and knows what it takes to win as an NFL quarterback.

2. Michael Vick's style of play

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    Michael Vick is a mobile, athletic quarterback, and his unique style of play makes up for the struggles of the Eagles offense.

    Team sources told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio that in the early morning hours on Monday, Reid, general manager Howie Roseman, and the rest of the Eagles coaching staff and front office started going through the game film on Sunday's win in Detroit and saw the severity of the problems facing the Eagles' offensive line.

    The film showed that Vick was sacked six times and was under constant duress because backup center Mike McGlynn had difficulty recognizing blitzes and setting in on protection.

    As a whole, the offensive line did not play well, and Reid realized that Vick, with his mobility, would be a better fit to start rather than Kolb. There was also a concern that the offensive line was so poor that Kolb could suffer another concussion.

1. Michael Vick is a proven NFL quarterback

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    Michael Vick is a proven quarterback in the NFL. He has showed time and time again that he can excel and have success as a quarterback.

    On the other hand, Kolb is not ready to be an NFL quarterback. He sat and waited for his turn, and he will eventually be a great NFL-caliber quarterback, but right now it is Vick's team.

    The Eagles are a better team and have a more potent offense with Vick behind center.

    I just hope people who criticize Vick for his off-field troubles will understand that he served his time and deserves to be seen as a changed man.