Office Pool Picks For NFL Week 3

T.O. WhenhamContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 19:  Wide receiver Dexter McCluster #22 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs the ball by tight end Tony Moeaki #81 against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 19, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

It was another interesting week in the NFL last week - a lot of results made sense, but a few didn’t. More significantly, a couple of teams that were supposed to be very good continue to confound. We had a solid week last week picking straight up winners for our NFL office pool picks - not great, but solid. Let’s do better this week:

San Francisco at Kansas City - the Chiefs have been a pleasant surprise so far this year. They are taking a big step up in class this time, though. San Francisco was good enough to win on Monday night, and they took massive steps forward from their opening debacle. I look for another step forward from them here, and a win. Take the Niners.

Detroit at Minnesota - I’ve been pretty impressed by the Lions - they deserve to have at least one win under their belts. The Vikings, on the other hand, have been a total disaster. Still, they are a far more talented team and they are playing at home, so this should be when they break their goose egg. Take the Vikings.

Buffalo at New England - Let’s look at this one - we have an angry, very talented New England team looking to turn things around playing at home against a pathetic Buffalo team that has some QB drama. Shouldn’t be difficult - take the Patriots.

Atlanta at New Orleans - These are two talented rivals playing fairly well. They both have some kinks to work out, but they have both shown some sparks. The difference here should come down to the location. Take the Saints.

Tennessee at New York Giants - The Titans were a total mess last week, and the Steelers gave the Giants a blueprint for shutting them down. The Giants were pretty lousy Sunday night, but they should bounce back well at home. Take the Giants.

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay - The Bucs have been a very pleasant surprise so far - this is a tough team that won’t give up. They haven’t played a defense that looks anything like the incredible one the Steelers have put together this year, though. That will be too much for them. Take the Steelers.

Cincinnati at Carolina - Jimmy Clausen is starting. I don’t need another reason to like the Bengals and feel good about it.

Cleveland at Baltimore - I don’t know what has been wrong with the Ravens on offense so far, but it’s nothing that playing the Browns shouldn’t be able to fix. Cleveland has been lousy. Take the Ravens.

Dallas at Houston - The Cowboys should be a very good team. They sure haven’t looked like one, though. The Texans, on the other hand, have - they beat up on the Colts, and posted a stunning comeback against the Redskins. They are serious, and they will be looking to make another statement. Take the Texans.

Washington at St. Louis - I have to pick the Rams. I can’t help myself. They have played tough, they are playing at home, and they are up against a team that could be pouting and frustrated after their stunning loss last week. Take a risk and take the Rams.

Philadelphia at Jacksonville - The most interesting part of this game is that every Philly fan in the world will be hoping that their starting QB is still too hurt to play in this one. That’s good drama. Philly has more on both sides of the ball, and should be fine here. Take the Eagles.

Indianapolis at Denver - The Colts are the better team, and they got back on track in Week 2 after a tough opening week. They will exert their superiority in this one and come out on top. Take the Colts.

Oakland at Arizona - The Raiders improved dramatically in their second week, and have shown enough to beat an Arizona team that has serious QB issues. Maybe it’s time that they go back to Matt Leinart - oh, wait. Take the Raiders.

San Diego at Seattle - I believe that the San Diego team we saw in Week 2 was the real version. I think the same thing about the Seahawks team we saw in Week 2. That means that San Diego should come out on top. Take the Chargers.

New York Jets at Miami - A lot of people are surprised that the Dolphins are 2-0. I’m not. That defensive front led by the incredible and incredibly underrated Cameron Wake is the real deal. They are going to make things miserable for Sanchez and the Jets. Take the Dolphins.

Green Bay at Chicago - these two teams have been as good as any so far. I only believe that one of them can sustain it, and it isn’t the one with Jay Cutler under center. Take the Packers.