10 Rule Changes That Would Benefit The NBA

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10 Rule Changes That Would Benefit The NBA
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Rules were made to be broken. 

Well, not entirely. There is, however, some degree of truth to that statement. 

In any competitive endeavor, rules serve primarily as guidelines intended to maximize the fruition of a sport. No matter how one may look at it, rules are necessary.

Even if they are interpreted as necessary evils. 

Think about it. Without fouls, basketball games would spiral out of control, likely representing more of a wrestling match. Although such may be case at your local playground, professional sports, professional organization must always adhere to their guidelines if the sport is to maintain integrity.

Tic-tac fouls may prove to be exceedingly annoying, but they are sometimes crucial to preserving a free flow of basketball. Without them, defenders would be easily tempted to playing with a physicality worthy of Ray Lewis. 

There is however, a tremendous downside here. Some rules, for a lack of a better phrase, are just flat out terrible. These are the ones that do nothing to preserve, promote, or improve the game.

In fact, continued fidelity to such awful criterion creates a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

In such circumstances, even the quasi-evil specimen known as the referee is at a loss to justify his call, even if it is, according to the rules, the right one.  

In hopes of weeding out the handful bad rules that currently lurk the courts of the National Basketball Association, this slideshow will look at 10 possible rule changes that would improve the NBA. Although open to debate, these possible alterations would hopefully have fans, players, coaches, and referees all bond in unison to profoundly declare, "I love this game!"

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